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Highlights of Starnberg's Five-Lakes Region

Highlights of Starnberg's Five-Lakes Region

This unique landscape offers a lot of things you shouldn't miss: recreation, art, culture and historic sites as far as the eye can see.

Andechs -  Upper Bavaria's "Sacred Mountain"

Andechs monastery

Andechs Monastery is both: a pilgrimage site and successful business of the Benedictine abbey Saint Bonifaz in Munich and Andechs.

Located on the sacred mountain at the eastern shores of lake Ammer and plainly visible from afar, the monastery in Andechs has been a popular destination for pilgrims for more than 875 years.

For many years the monastery with its brewery, inn and distillery has been a popular venue and attraction for vistitors from all over the world due to its rich cultural offer in the impressive Fürstentrakt ("Prince's Wing"), the Florian-Stadl stage as well as the old barn.

Particularly on weekends, this excursion destination is frequented by many tourists. Things are more contemplative during the week and we recommend you pay a visit at this time. Beers brewed in Andechs are world famous, and "Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel" ("Andechs Double Bock Dark") is the undisputed number one among them and we highly recommend you try it.

Boat rides on lake Ammersee and lake Starnberg The MS Starnberg

The four vessels of the white-blue fleet, white-blue being a reference to Bavaria's flag, operate on both lakes from Easter Sunday to the middle of October. A real treat for old and young with unique views of the alpine panorama and appealing shores.

Lake Ammersee impresses with serene vastness and its rural aura. The shores are dominated by a mild green tone and the villages keep discreetly in the background. A trip in one of the nostalgic paddle steamers is an ideal opportunity to experience lake Ammersee from its most beautiful side. Romantic souls will easily wax lyrical about the journey. Another paddle steamer called RMS Herrsching was added to the maritime navigation at lake Ammer in 2002. Nostalgia was combined with high-tech in this ship.

Lake Starnberg, Bavaria's second largest lake, is closely linked to the fate of the Swan King Ludwig II, who used to move to lake Starnberg every spring. His guests included famous artists such as Richard Wagner, who found his inspiration to compose "Der Ring des Nibelungen" and "Die Meistersinger" in Starnberg. It was on Rose Island where Ludwig II had his legendary rendezvous with Elisabeth (nicknamed "Sisi"), the empress of Austria to-be.

Lake Starnberg is approximately 21 km long and 5 km wide. Its deepest point is 127m and the lake covers an area of 57 square kilometers. It is characterized by magnificent castles and mansions along its shores reminding of former times.

Our insiders' tip: 

Exit at Ammerland and pay a visit to the fish shop owned by the Sebald family. Located in the north of the landing stage, the shop can easily by reached in five minutes. Apart from freshly caught fish from the lake, the professional fisher also sells smoked fish from his own curing oven and sea specialties. Rowing boats and sailing boats are let by the joined boat rental. Nördliche Seestraße 22, 82541 Ammerland.

Buchheim Museum

Anybody who is interested in art should pay a visit to this museum which is located in Bernried at the western bank of lake Starnberg. The museum brings together what is usually exhibited in separate museums: the main exhibition is a renowned collection of expressionists' works including paintings, aquarells, drawings and prints.

Cultural objects from Africa and other non-European countries are found in the ethnological collection, the folkloristic collection exhibits Bavarian folk art as well as arts and crafts from all over the world.

Paintings and graphic art of the artist group "Künstlergruppe Brücke", which was formed in Dresden by young students of architecture in 1905, are the focal point of the Buchheim collection. Among them were Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and Max Pechstein. Works of Emil Nolde and Otto Mueller, temporary members of the group, are featured as well. Lothar-Günther-Buchheim died in early 2007 and his works are included in the collection.

Dießen monastery in Dießen at lake Ammersee

Enthroned at the top of a hill, the remaining parts of this former Augustinian monastery founded in the 12th century now serve as a retirement home for nuns.

Carl Orff museum in Dießen at lake Ammersee

The musuem was opened in 1991 on the 96th birthday of the composer. Carl Orff's life and works are exhibited in three rooms. Tel: +49 8807 91981, Fax: +49 8807 91981.

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