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Long Distance Cycling Trails and Bike Tours in Upper Bavaria

There are hundreds of kilometers of tourist biking trails in Upper Bavaria. Depending on your shape and ambition, you can undertake day trips or tours lasting several days, thus getting to know Bavaria at its most beautiful – its untouched nature, rivers and lakes, sights, and breathtaking views. Further details on the tours listed below can be found in the German version of the Guide-to-Bavaria or inquired after at the respective local tourist information.

Cycling in Upper Bavaria

Abensweg Trail

65 km
The Abensweg biking trail takes a turn at Neustadt a.d. Donau/Bad Goegging, leaving the Danube Cycling Path and leading into Abenstal Valley to Rudelzhausen.

Altmuehl Valley Trail

237 km
The Altmuehl Valley cycle path follows the Altmuehl River from its source to where it flows into the Danube nearby Keilheim. From Beilngries ...


44 km
Starting from the idyllic sinuosity at Wasserburg am Inn, this path passes Schnaitsee, crosses rural hinterland, and reaches the Alz Valley between Trostberg and Altenmarkt a.d.Alz.

Alz-Salzach Trail

29 km
The path leads through quiet, rolling country in northern Rupertiwinkel and connects the Traun-Alz Cycling Path at Altenmarkt with the Salt Trade Path at Tittmoning.>

Ammer-Amper Trail

95 km
This path is perfect for a cycle tour with the whole family. From the Ammer source south of Oberammergau it leads to where the Amper River flows into the Isar nearby Moosburg a.d.Isar.

Ammersee Trail

96 km
From Bad Woerishofen (Kneipp Cycling Path) this path leads you on low-traffic roads through farmland and small country villages, through Waal (a venue of passion plays) to Landsberg am Lech, and on paved paths through fields and forests to Eching am Ammersee.


414 km
The trail cuts across the rolling country of the Alpine foothills, offering lovely views of the Alps, idyllic lakes and forests on the way. It leads from Lindau at Lake Bodensee into the hilly, densely wooded foothills of the Allgaeu Alps.

Chiemgau Trail

34 km
Cycling in the Chiemgau Mountains: From Inzell and Ruhpolding the path follows the Traun-Alz Trail on paved roads through forests and past several mountain lakes to Reit im Winkel.

Danube Trail

434 km
This route between Neu-Ulm and Hoechstadt a.d. Donau uses low-traffic-roads, paths and unsurfaced routes, leading you along the River Danube through the vast Danube Valley.

Across Erdinger Land

73 km
This route connects the Isar Trail east of Freising with the Inn Trail at Gars a. Inn, passing through the rural country of the Erdinger Land. Experience the lovely nature south of the River Isar, the creek Dorfen and the middle canal of the River Isar from east of the airport to Erding further south.

Inn Trail

246 km
The Inn Trail leads from Maloja in Switzerland to Passau and has a total length of about 500 km, rendering it one of the longest tourist biking trails in Europe.

Isar Trail

294 km
The Isar Trail takes you from the German-Austian border at Scharnitz past Mittenwald around the Karwendel Mountains, across the Romantic Valley on a toll road (free of charge for cyclists) to Lake Sylvensteinsee (partly on low-traffic federal roads).

The Muehldorf South

14 km
This path takes you from the district town Muehldorf a. Inn to Polling and Garching a.d. Alz; a managable ride on easy, slightly hilly roads and sometimes on unsurfaced forest trails.

Munich-Mangfall Trail

66 km
This trail connects Munich and Rosenheim. Cycling lanes alongside roads take you out of the city; from Feldkirchen-Westerham the trail follows the Mangfall River across flat country, through the town of Kolbermoor to Rosenheim.

Paar Valley Tour

98 km
This path connects the Danube Trail at Grossmehring with the „Romantic Road“ trail south of Augsburg (Lechstaustufe 22).

Panorama Trail Isar-Inn

69 km
The Panorama Trail Isar-Inn offers an attractive connection between Munich and Wasserburg a. Inn.

Tourist Biking Trail Nuremberg-Rothsee-Altmuehl Valley

59 km
This route connects Nuremberg with the region’s South. At the Ludwig-Danube-Main-Canal at Roethenbach b. Sankt Wolfgang the trail “Reichwald-Bormbachsee“ branches off from the „Five Rivers Trail“.

Romantic Road

359 km
The “Romantic Road” trail follows the famous tourist route from Wuerzburg to Fuessen.

Rott Valley Trail

94 km
Apart from the section Neumarkt-Sankt Veit – Massing, this trail takes you across rural cultural landscape that dates back centuries: the lovely Rott Valley.

Rott-Inn Trail

21 km
Connecting the Inn Trail with the Rott Valley Trail, the Rott-Inn Trail takes you from Eggenfelden to Neuoetting.

Tauern Trail

20 km
This route takes you on paved paths and with moderate ascents from the border at Marzoll to Bad Reichenhall and along the Saalach River to Schneizlreuth and Austria.

Salt Trading Route

92 km
This trail takes you from the Inn Trail at Stammham southwards on the old salt trade route - Tittmoning - Laufen - Bad Reichenhall - Hallein.

Saline Route

125 km
Passing historic salt mining facilities and brine pipes, the trail leads from Rosenheim across the rolling country near Lake Simssee on low-traffic roads and paths to Lake Chiemsee; it approaches the northern brim of the Chiemgau Alps and the old salt mining town of Traunstein, finally reaching Bad Reichenhall after passing by Teisendorf and Piding.

Swabian Alb – Altmuehl Valley Trail

46 km
This route takes you from Noerdlingen to Wemding, cutting from the geologically significant Ries Crater across the fertile high plateau.

Schweppermann Tour

23 km
Starting at Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, the trail passes the site where the last knights’ battle of Germany took place in 1322. The trail leads moderately up and down towards Muehldorf a. Inn, on low-traffic roads and paths across densely wooded rolling countryside back to the Inn River.

Sempt-Isen Trail/Isental Trail

92 km
A charming long-distance trail through the rural county of Erding, connecting the Isar Trail in Munich’s East with the Inn Trail at Muehldorf a. Inn in a West-East direction.

Sempt-Mangfall Trail

56 km
The Sempt-Mangfall Trail provides an interesting, comfortable connection between the Erdinger Land, and the Rosenheim Basin at the foot of the Alps.

Tour de Baroque

93 km
The following description covers the trail from Neumarkt iin Upper Palatinate to the Danube River at Kelheim (after that: Danube Trail/Tour de Baroque alongside the Danube to Passau).

Traun Alz Trail

92 km
The trail takes you from the Inn Trail at Marktl alongside the Alz River to Trostberg, Traunstein, and, moderately ascending, up to Ruhpolding and Inzell.

Vils-Rott Trail

23 km
This trail starts at Vilsbiburg and ends in Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, connecting the Vils Valley Trail and the Rott Valley Trail.

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