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Hiking Upper Bavaria

Ammersee - Lech

Hikers can pick and choose from long or short tours: how about a trip around Lake Ammersee or along the river Lech trail?

Berchtesgadener Land

Hiking through gorges and canyons, across meadows and moors, past mountain streams and lakes, until you reach the alps and the summits. And as usual: The journey is the reward!


Standing on top of the mountain, looking down into the valley of Lake Chiemsee is an unique and memorable experience. And on top of that a hearty Bavarian meal („Brotzeit“) in a comfortable alp, a cold beer or a refreshing “Radler” (beer mixed with lemonade) – what more can one wish for?

Munich's surrounding region

There is no need to travel to the mountains when lovely walks are as close at hand as in and around Munich. Equipped with a map you will find numerous gems along the marked trails.

Pfaffenwinkel (Parson's Corner)

The Pfaffenwinkel is an area for more leisurely walks. You might want to try the Lech-Höhenweg or one of the numerous other hiking trails that guarantee great views of the Alps.

Starnberg - Land of the five lakes

You can stroll along the shores of the lake or go hiking on one of the trails close by, for example following the traces of King Ludwig II.

Lakes Tegernsee and Schliersee

The area features a well-kept and large network of trails, flat promenades as well as slightly sloping and steep hiking trails, of which 65 km are cleared in winter. The Wallberg Mountain offers a great view of Lake Tegernsee.

Toelz Area (Tölzer Land)

Benediktenwand, Brauneck or Herzogstand: in the Toelz Area you can go on challenging tours as well as for relaxed walks, for example around Lake Kirchsee.


You can discover this paradise on numerous routes, ranging from easy to more demanding.

Werdenfels Country: Zugspitz Area

There are several ways up the Zugspitz Mountain for example through the romantic Höllental Gorge. The Zugspitz Country is certainly a hiking highlight! If is seems to strenuous to climb up Germany's highest mountain, you can always use the cable cars or the cog railway and enjoy the breathtaking view anyway...

Werdenfels Country: Ammergau Alps

Hikers love the Ammergauer Alpen: in 2005 they were voted the second best German hiking region!

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