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Bicycle Tours and Long Distance Cycling Trails in Upper Franconia

Comfortably cycling alongside the rivers Main, Pegnitz, Saale and through Franconian Switzerland. Or - if you are looking for more challenging routes - in the Fichtel Mountains. Further details on the tours listed below can be found in the German version of the Guide-to-Bavaria or inquired after at the respective local tourist information.

Cycling in Upper Franconia

Erlangen-Pegnitz Valley Trail

63 km
This path serves as a link between the Regnitz Valley and Pegnitz Valley. The trail starts in Erlangen and continues East to the Schwabach Valley.

Fichtel Mountains Trail

77 km
This trail leads from Bayreuth to the valleys of River Kronach and its tributaries. It runs from Goldkronach to Bad Berneck in the Fichtel Mountains.

Fichtelnaab Trail

52 km
This trail is a challenge for athletic, ambitious cyclists: it leads across the untouched nature of the Steinwald Forest and the Fichtel Mountains.

Franconian Switzerland Trail

62 km
This trail takes you from Forchheim to Muggendorf, for the larger part following the course of the Wiesent River on cycle paths, public dirt tracks, and low-traffic roads with manageable ascents.


„Green Roof“ Trail

299 km
The “Green Roof“ Trail gives the interested cyclist access to a large number of major cycle paths in the Bavarian-Czech border region.

Haidennaab Trail

78 km
No cars interfere on this route from Bayreuth to Weidenberg across the beautiful valley of the Steinach River.

High Route Franconian Switzerland

41 km
First, this trail takes you across the beautiful foothills of the Franconian Alb east of Bamberg offside high-traffic roads, it then crosses the Alb plateau with its magnificent views, and finally makes ist way into the lovely Wiesent Valley.

Rivers Main-Saale Trail

22 km
This trail takes you from Wirsberg to Stammbach, Kleinlosnitz, and finally Zell, using for the larger part paved, low-traffic local roads.

River Main Trail

401 km
In August 2004, the Main Valley Trail merged with the Main Valley Cycle Touring Trail to form the Main Trail.

Pegnitz Trail

50 km
This trail uses public dirt roads and forest paths, as well as low-traffic roads. Some steep ascents should be expected between Bayreuth and Pegnitz.

Pegnitz Trail – Canal Route

32 km
This path leads alongside the Main-Danube Cana and is paved from end to end.

Rennsteig-Main-Lions Trail

51 km
This trail leads from the Rennsteig through the romantic Tettaugrund and charming Rodach Valley to the Upper Main Valley; most of the route runs on dirt roads and cycle paths, with some low-traffic, slightly ascending roads in between.

Rodach-Itzgrund Trail

61 km
The Rodach-Itzgrund Trail takes you from Bad Rodach to Meeder, across the woodless foot of the mountains “Lange Berge“.

Rotmain Trail

33 km
This almost completely flat route runs mainly on low-traffic roads and paths.

Saale Trail

69 km
The Saale Trail leads from Thuringia to the district of Hof, where it runs alongside the Saxonian Saale River to its source near Zell.

Vogtland Trail

13 km
This trail takes you alongside the Southern Regnitz River through lowlands and highlands with great views of the Bavarian Vogtland and to the state borders with Saxony.

White Main Trail

39 km
The White Main Trail begins at the junction of White Main and Red Main Rivers at Steinenhausen Palace (alt. 298m.), two kilometers south-west of Kulmbach. It ends in the health resort of Bischofsgruen in the Fichtel Mountains, at an altitude of 678 meters above sea level.

Ziegenfeld Valley Trail

31 km
This trail runs on dirt tracks and forest pathsfor the most part, as well as local and regional low-traffic roads.

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