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Bicycle Tours and Long Distance Cycling Trails in the Upper Palatinate

The Upper Palatinate in East Bavaria - explore this wonderful vacation region on your bike. Along the River Danube or near the border to the Czech Republic, for example along the Bavarian-Bohemian Trail of Friendship (Bayerisch-Böhmischer-Freundschaftsweg): where unforgettable nature and experiences await you! Further details on the tours listed below can be found in the German version of the Guide-to-Bavaria or inquired after at the respective local tourist information.

Cycling in the Upper Palatinate Region

Bavarian-Bohemian Trail of Friendship

60 km
About 45 km of this trail run along the disused railway between Woelsendorf and Schoensee.

Bockl Trail

32 km
A trail ideal for families and elderly cyclists, leading through the natural park Upper Palatinate Forest on a disused railway.

Chamb Valley Trail

31 km
Follow the dragon's trail to the dragon slayer city of Furth im Wald, and further on into Bohemian country. 

Danube Trail

434 km
This route between Neu-Ulm and Hoechstadt a.d. Donau uses low-traffic-roads, paths and unsurfaced routes, leading you along the River Danube through the vast Danube Valley.

Danube-Regen Trail

39 km
The Danube-Regen Trail takes you without significant ascents on a disused railway from Miltach – where it branches off from the Regen Valley Trail – to Bogen where it meets the Danube Trail.

Falkenstein Trail

39 km
Flat gravel paths (the railroad towards Falkenstein has a slight uphill grade) and low-traffic, paved local roads.

Festival Trail

27 km
Bike hikers will be happy to learn that the Festival Trail avoids the high-traffic streets in favor of roads through sparsely populated, densely wooded country.

Franconian Lakes Trail

66 km
The Franconian Lakes Trail takes you past Lakes Altmuehlsee, Brombachsee, and Rothsee, to Allersberg and Berngau to the “Tour de Baroque” Trail, or northwards to the Schweppermann Trail.

Five Rivers Trail

156 km
The Five Rivers Trail starts in Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate; on old paths along the Ludwig-Danube-Main Canal, it reaches Worzeldorf via Berg near Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate, Burgthann, Schwarzenbruck, Gugelhammer Palace, and Wendelstein.

Grotto Trail

15 km
Leading down south, the Pegnitz Trail continues from Neuhaus a.d. Pegnitz now named Grotto Trail, since it passes the fascinating grottos and caves of the region.

„Green Roof“ Trail

299 km
The “Green Roof“ Trail gives the interested cyclist access to a large number of major cycle paths in the Bavarian-Czech border region.

Haidennaab Trail

78 km
Almost free of motorized traffic, this trail leads through the scenic Steinach Valley between Bayreuth and Weidenberg.

Lauterach Valley Trail

24 km
Connecting the certified health resort towns of Kastl and Schmidmuehlen, this trail follows the Lauterach River, accessing the region known as “Upper Palatinate Tuscany” with its dry grasslands and juniper bushes.

Naab Valley Trail

99 km
This trail runs alongside the meandering River Naab across the Jura Mountains and the softly rolling country of the Upper Palatinate, passing many interesting historic sites.

Pegnitz-Laber Trail

22 km
The Pegnitz-Laber Trail connects the northern part of the Five Rivers Trail and its southern counterpart as well as the Schweppermann Trail.

Pfreimd Valley Trail

53 km
This trail challanges body and brain: a sporty ride across the Upper Palatinate Forest combined with information on the history of the region: An open-air museum and medieval castles can be visited on the way. 

Regen Valley Trail

161 km
The Regen Valley Trail leads along paths close to the Regen River, from Regensburg to Roding, Cham, and Miltach across idyllic water meadows. 

Schwarzach Valley Trail

67 km
This trail takes you from the Bavarian to the Bohemian part of the Schwarzach River, with an additional loop trail within the Bohemian Forest.

Schweppermann Trail

73 km
While the Western part is somewhat more challenging, the Eastern one follows flat paths across Amberg-Bodenwoehr-Bucht.

Tour de Baroque

93 km
The following description covers the trail from Neumarkt iin Upper Palatinate to the Danube River at Kelheim (after that: Danube Trail/Tour de Baroque alongside the Danube to Passau).

Vils-Haidenaab Trail

45 km
This trail between Haidenaab and Weiherhammer takes you to Roethenbach and Freihung, where  you are faced with a manageable ascent.

Waldnaab Valley Trail

71 km
This trail is challenging: Across the soft hills of the Upper Palatinate Forest, past old towns famous for glass, porcelain, and button manufacturers, to the Czech Republic.

Wondreb Trail

24 km
This route provides an experience of culture and nature – from the Western River Waldnaab through forests, past ponds to the source of River Wondreb – across old monasterial cultural landscape.

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