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Nature Park Altmuehltal (Naturpark Altmühltal) - A Commitment to Nature

Hiking in the Nature Park AltmuehltalThe Vacation Region and Recreational Area of Altmuehltal Nature Park has been in existence for 40 years. On 25 July 1969, the society "Nature Park Altmühltal (Southern Franconian Alp)" was founded in Pappenheim. Thus the Nature Park Altmuehltal was founded, Germany's second-largest nature resort with an area of 3000 square kilometers. Since the beginning, the resort has served two major concerns: Saving the environment and opening the Altmuehltal for tourism.

That decision followed a trend in the late 1960s; the "Nature Park Movement", the preserving of home and country, was becoming more important to society; tourism in Bavaria was also well on its way.

Yet tourism was still in its early days; the Altmuehltal was popular only among people from Nuremberg and Munich for regional recreation; so tourism spadework was the task during that time. Yet, step by step, the Altmuehltal made a reputation for itself: The breakthrough was achieved in the early 1980s, when an extensive network of biking and hiking trails was laid out.

Hiking in the Nature Park AltmuehltalThe Nature Park covers five administrative districts, seven counties, and two urban districts. The Nature Park Altmuehltal today is one Bavaria's most popular tourist destinations, drawing in several million one-day and over-night guests every year. Tourist attractions include not only the biking or hiking opportunities, but also boating on the Altmuehl River or the Main-Danube-Channel, Roman finds, and the unique fossil treasures of the Jurassic stone pits.

While tourist activities have been widely extended, the main concern of the Nature Park Altmuehltal has always been the protection of its environment. To ensure that, the concept of sustainable tourism was consistently implemented: "Experiencing nature, but only in moderation and harmony with the countryside and its plants and animal population."

This way, the strain on nature could be kept to a minimum. It was also possible to leave some areas untouched from human invasion. Information and guidance for visitors plays a key role in this concept.

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