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Amberg-Sulzbach County

Welcome to Amberg-Sulzbach County


idyllic river valleys, enchanting castles and ruins, lush forests, the stony shores of the primordial sea, stalactite caves, Jurassic rocks and dry grassland biotopes with rare plants and animals.


whilst you go hiking, horseback riding, walking, climbing, cross-country skiing, canoeing, water skiing or fishing in one of Germany’s best trout waters. Or why not go sand skiing, big foot or sand boarding on the world’s first summer skiing slope with a lift? Or take a bath in a hops tub.


the hospitality of the Upper Palatinate residents, culinary treats during game season and culinary festivals, traditional festivities, country fairs and pageants. Experience history along the Iron Road (Eisenstraße) or follow the traces of Emperor Karl IV. along the Golden Road (Goldene Straße).

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