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Bad Gögging – Then and Now

The comprehensible history of the spa town Gögging dates back to the first century AD, which means that Gögging is one of the oldest spas north of the Alps. The Roman legions crossed the Danube and set up fortifications and the necessary infrastructure to live at the river. At the beginning of the second century Emperor Trajan had one of the largest sulphur spas north of the Alps built in the area of Bad Gögging. After these facilities had been neglected since the Romans left around 400 AD, the sulphuric water was used again for therapeutic treatment in the Middle Ages.

Impressions from Bad Gögging

One of the biggest supporters of the “health fountain” of Bad Gögging was Duke Ludwig the Rich of Landshut (1470). And also the nobles and the wealthy citizens appreciated the water’s beneficially effects. Black Death and wars hindered a continuous development and let time stand still in Gögging. Only when the town was awarded the title “spa” in 1919, at the beginning of the German “spa age”, did Bad Gögging wake up and a new upswing started - with the opening of the Limes Spa in 1979 as the grande finale.

MoorwanneRömersaunaBad Gögging - triple health

Apart from Gögging there are only few spas in Germany that can dispose over three natural remedies from local sources. The sulphur spring has been used intensively since Roman times (and most likely a lot longer than that). The water contains 5-6mm sulphide per litre, which is 5 to 6 times as much as the required minimum level. In addition, it contains fluoride, iodide and bromide.

The curative natural moor mud is used for skin treatments, baths etc. When the RMD channel was built, some balneologically valuable moor mud was taken from the Ottmaring Valley to Bad Gögging, where it has been stored professionally. Bad Gögging’s most recent natural remedy is thermal water. Both springs were made accessible by drillings into a depth of 600 metres. Their technical name is fluoride-containing sodium hydrogen carbonate chloride springs.


With a total surface of 10,000m² the Limes Spa is one of the largest of its kind in Bavaria.

Built in 1979 and continuously expanded and adapted to modern demands and the latest spa and wellness standards ever since, it is now the hub of the new spa and wellness centre Bad Gögging. It combines three healthy and beneficially features under one roof: health treatment, relaxation and wellness.

Impressions from Bad Gögging:

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