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Active in Winter

For each Bavarian region, we have selected the highlights from the broad offer of winter activities. Why not go snow shoe trekking or on a great skiing tour? All regions offer fantastic winter hiking trails, well-kept cross-country skiing tracks, sledding runs and much more. For more information visit our “Active vacations” pages within the different vacation regions.

Upper Bavaria

Snowshoe trekking in the Wendelstein Mountain area

Snowshoe trekking is a new trend in sports. Snowshoes are in high demand – snowboarders use them to climb up mountains and hikers to wander across deep snow.

Upper Bavaria

In the small mountain group of the Chiemgau Alps beginners as well as skilled skiers can go on fantastic skiing tours. Far away from busy slopes and noisy huts you can enjoy the beauty and peace of the Chiemgau Mountains in winter. You can download a list of ski tours available at Lake Chiemsee via this link: Ski tours at Lake Chiemsee

East Bavaria

Winter hiking in the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest is a hiking paradise – in summer as well as winter! In winter you can wander along quiet, snowy hiking trails that take you to the next cozy hut – an unique experience!


Snow shoe trekking in Bischofsgruen

Here you get the chance to wander through untouched nature all by yourself, far away from traffic.You will appreciate the piece and quiet and be at one with nature.


Ice climbing in Pfronten

Experience the ice age in the Allgaeu: frozen water in all shapes and forms: ice cascades, towers… - a challenge for those who like a bit of thrill.

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