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Cross-Country Skiing Areas in Bavaria

Fancy a bit of nature, crisp winter air, feeling the warm winter sun and the cool wind on your face? Discover Bavaria's beautiful landscapes with soft hills, snowy forests, romantic lakes and river valleys.

Bavaria winter wonderland - you will never tire of it.

Cross-country skiing areas in Upper Bavaria

In Upper Bavaria you’ll find numerous beautiful cross-country skiing runs of all kinds.

Cross-country skiing areas in the Allgaeu

You can choose from a broad selection of skiing areas and cross-country skiing runs.

Cross-country skiing in the Bavarian Forest

Winter in the Bavarian Forest: Shimmering mountains and valleys covered in powdery snow. Hundreds of kilometres of well-kept cross-country skiing runs await you.

Cross-country skiing runs in the Franconian Forest

Here, cross-country skiing fans will find Franconia’s largest network of runs.

Cross-country skiing runs in the Fichtel Mountains

Beginners and advanced cross-country skiers will find excellent runs in this recreational area.

Cross-country skiing runs in the Rhoen Mountains

250 km (155 miles) of cross-country skiing runs can be found at the Rhoen Mountains, 150 km (90 miles) of which are located in Bavaria. Many of the runs are suitable for families and beginners. 

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