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Tariff Regulations in Germany (Bavaria)

Passenger Traffic

At the AirportIn the following section you can find out what regulations you need to observe with regard to goods you wish to import or export when you cross borders while travelling.

Any traveller crossing borders of the European Community European Community will get into contact with customs.

Which traffic regulations you have to meet in case of travelling depends on:

  • whether you are a resident of the EC and your destination is an EC Member State (holidays within the EC);
  • whether you are a resident of the EC and want to spend your holidays in a so- called "third country", i.e. in a country which does not belong to the Customs territory of the Community (passenger traffic with countries outside the EC) or
  • whether you wish to enter Germany coming from a third country (holidays in Germany - what rules must be considered)

The relevant regulations are valid for all passengers irrespective of their purpose of travel.

Business travellers should note that commercial goods are excluded from these regulations. They are subject to the regulations for commercial trade. For questions about commercial goods to be transported between EC Member States, please contact your competent tax and revenue office.

For information on what identification documents you require on entering Germany or another country, please contact the Bundespolizei (Federal Police - German only) or the Foreign Office.

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