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Esthetic-plastic surgery in Bavaria

The first-class skills of Bavarian doctors and clinics are renowned

Esthetic surgery

Bavarian clinics are well know for their expertise in esthetic surgery. Here, you are in the best hands. There have been extraordinary developments in the field of esthetic-plastic surgery: new surgery methods, advanced anatomical knowledge and last but not least new techniques have widened the spectrum of possible treatment.

1. In the area of body shaping, new ultra-sound, water-jet and laser technologies optimized the methods of liposuction. In combination with conventional methods, mechanical energy like ultra-sound or lasers, as well as the water-jet method improve the process of liposuction: Fat depots are loosened effectively and without harming the tissue and small canulas are applied for suction.

2. With new methods for skin transplantations scars, pigmentary abnormalities and unwanted tattoos can be treated more easily. Burn specialists have developed a new method of preparing active skin cells that can be sprayed onto the skin. This “spry-on skin”, made from the body’s own active cells reproduces and covers the wound in a smooth and esthetic way.

3. Interdisciplinary networking within esthetic-plastic surgery is increasing. Esthetic-plastic surgeons are more frequently working hand with specialists like psychologists, cosmeticians, fitness coaches and dieticians to provide the best possible treatment and pre- and post-operative care.

4. Laser surgery is gaining importance. New laser technologies like the CO2-laser grant skin-conserving results, especially in the areas of wrinkle and scar treatment, as it can remove the skin from the affected sites in very thin layers.

5. With new implants and filling materials natural results can be achieved in esthetic-plastic surgery. Patients are increasingly expecting a natural and harmonic result from plastic surgery. Corrections should not be obvious. Manufacturers have realized this trend and have developed products, which support a harmonic and natural result.

Thus doctors and surgeons, provided they are trained in these procedures, have ample possibilities of treating their patients in the best possible way, according to every patients’ individual needs. The most important part of every medical treatment is the extensive consultation of every single patient. You won’t find a “one-size-fits-all”-approach in a Bavarian clinic.

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