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General information

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General information

Travel documents

Non-citizens need a valid passport or an emergency passport (your passport has to be valid for at least four more months at the time of your entry into Germany resp. the Schengen area). Most West European citizens only need a valid identity card.

Children have to be registered in their parent's passports or carry a valid child's identity card. Citizens of some countries need a visa to enter Germany. Please contact the German embassy of your country for detailed information.


There are no officially required vaccinations in order to enter Bavaria.

Health care, medication:

Excellent health care is guaranteed day and night in entire Bavaria.

It is recommended that visitors from foreign countries take out a travel health insurance.

Each city has an emergency medical assistance service operating during nights and weekends. The number can be in the local telephone book. Some pharmacies are open all night as well as on sundays. Addresses of pharmacies on duty can be found in every pharmacy.


New health regulations to prevent rabies have been in effect since October 1, 2004.

1. Every animal has to be clearly marked by a tattoo or a transponder (microchip).
2. A valid protection by vaccination against rabies has to be verified in an accompanying document.
3. In case you're entering from a country where rabies is occurs or its status is uncertain (e.g. Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Thailand or India), an additional blood test (rabies antinbody test) has to be conducted in a EU-approved laboratory. The examination has to take place at least three months before before the return.

Generally, five pets (dogs, cats, ferrets) are allowed to be taken along per person.


The Euro is Germany's currency. 1 Euro equals 100 Cents. Infinite amounts of Euros, foreign currencies as well as other means of payment can be brought in and out without control.

ATMs are available day and night and you can make withdrawals by EC-cards and international credit cards (American Express, Diners Club, Euro Card, Masters Card), with which you can also pay almost everywhere. 19% VAT is charged on goods and services. Prices are always inclusive of all taxes and VAT. A reduced VAT rate of 7% is charged on groceries.

Since January 1, 1999 it is possible for visitors from the 12 member states of the European Monetary Union (Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Spain) to pay the travel prices in Euros via bank transfer or cheque. Since the beginning of 2002 the Euro has been the legal tender in Europe, which makes both money exchange and conversion into other European currencies unnecessary when traveling Europe.

Contact your bank for further information or click here


Nobody wants to fall ill during holidays. A well-assorted first-aid kit helps you to reduce risks.

My first-aid kit should include:

  • bandaging material, medical strip
  • mild antipyretics/painkillers such as Aspirin or Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)
  • medicine against stomach trouble
  • antidiarrheal medicines
  • laxatives
  • salves against insect bites and sun allergy
  • insect repellents
  • sun screens and after sun lotions
  • medicine agains motion sickness
  • personal medication for constant usage
  • condoms to protect against STDs
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