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Bavaria HikingHiking in Bavaria’s Holiday Regions

Slow Down and Activate your Senses - Hiking has Become Trendy Again

Hiking in Bavaria

Slow down and activate your senses: see, hear, feel and smell the nature surrounding you - that’s what hiking is about.

What used to be considered petty bourgeois has become a trendy pastime and is now also associated with a meditative lifestyle.

Hiking in Bavaria means discovering ancient natural monuments, fantastic landscapes, remote valleys and spectacular summits. But it can also mean slowly ambling around a lake with your kids. Take a break in one of the traditional Bavarian beer gardens. Enjoy a typical Bavarian lunch in one of the numerous inns or have a glass of the famous Franconian wine.

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Why not discover the beautiful Bavarian landscape on foot? We have selected the best hiking routes for you, which will take you through Bavaria and beyond.

Scenic hiking in Upper Bavaria

Hiking in Upper Bavaria is exhilarating! Enjoy the beautiful nature of the alpine upland, with lush green meadows and burbling brooks, stroll along well-kept trails or make your way up one of the impressive mountain paths.

Happy hiking in the Allgaeu

Happy hiking in the Allgaeu area, where the best means of transport is walking.

Discover Bavarian Swabia on foot

The Jacob’s Pilgrims’ Way leads you from North to South through Bavarian Swabia, from Oettingen im Ries via Wemding, Harburg and Donauwoerth to Augsburg and further on towards the Allgaeu area.

Enjoy hiking in Franconia

Numerous themed hiking trails take you back into history or lead you into the wine country. The famous long distance trails guide you through one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany.

East Bavaria Hiking Experience

The beauty of the Bavarian Forest and the Upper Palatinate Forest is awe-inspiring and makes hiking in this area a truly unique experience.

Combine hiking fun with farm holidays on one of the numerous Bavarian farms.

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Mountain chalets in Bavaria

Are you looking for quaint or picturesque mountain chalets nestled in the beautiful Bavarian mountains, from the Oberallgaeu area to the Bavarian forest? Here you can download a small selection of recommended alpine huts in Bavaria.

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