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Bavaria - the kid’s country

The best holiday tips for the whole family

Holidays: time to relax and to have fun. Parents and their children are experts when it comes to holiday-making. They know best what they want and how they would like to spend their precious time together.

On the following pages you will find some entertaining things for kids to do – fun and action guaranteed.

Adventure Park Geiselwind - Franconia

Leisure and Adventure Parks

Bavaria’s adventure parks offer a lot of action with exciting roller coasters and many other attractions; more educational parks show interesting facts and information in a fun and enjoyable way. There is something for everyone.

Water slide Bad Wiessee - Upper Bavaria

Adventure Pools

The numerous adventure pools in Upper Bavaria, Bavarian Swabia and Franconia offer a broad variety of entertainment for kids: fast water slides, swimming and bathing, hot outdoor pools in winter, adventure areas underneath palm trees and much more!

Kids-Special - Kids on a horseride

Kids‘ Specials - Entertaining activities for kids

You have visited some adventure parks and are now looking for something different? Here you’ll find some inviting things for you and your family to do.

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