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Kids‘ Specials – Entertaining activities for kids

Bavaria offers many entertaining, interesting and fun activities for kids: Watch the huge airplanes at the Visitors’ Park at the Munich Airport, climb down into the underground world of miners, and discover the underwater world at the SeaLife Munich or race down a hill at the summer bob run.

SeaLife Munich

Upper Bavaria: SeaLife Munich

This 2,200-square-meter-big fresh and salt water aquarium opened its doors to visitors on April 7th, 2006.

Swan in the Olympic Park Munich

Oberbayern: Olympic Park Munich

There is a lot going on in the Olympic Park Munich! Games, fun and relaxation for the whole family - every day, all year round.

Animal Park Hellabrunn Munich

Upper Bavaria: Animal Park (Zoo) Hellabrunn Munich

Hellabrunn, the animal park with unlimited attractions! Watch elephants on their “jungle patrol“, the sea lions’ “fin parade“ and the griffins doing their “air acrobatics”.

Visitors‘ Park Munich Airport

Upper Bavaria: Visitors‘ Park at the Munich Airport

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes of an airport? Would you like to get a real-life experience? Then this is the right place for you!

Paddle Wheel Steamers Ammersee

Upper Bavaria: Paddle Wheel Steamers Ammersee

Enjoy an entertaining cruise across the lake aboard the RMS DIESSEN or the RMS HERRSCHING. These paddle wheel steamers combine state-of-the-art shipbuilding technology with highest comfort and a nostalgic style.

Salt mine Berchtesgaden

Upper Bavaria: Salt mine Berchtesgaden

The mascot Pauli invites you and your children to a memorable and interesting experience in this underground world. An highlight: the birthday specials for kids!

Blomberg - Germany’s longest summer bob run

Upper Bavaria: Blomberg - Germany’s longest summer bob run

The Adventure Park at the Blomberg Mountain near Bad Toelz features Germany’s longest summer bob run and a diversified entertainment programme for kids and teenagers.

Joska Crystal Bodenmais

Eastern Bavaria: Joska Crystal Bodenmais

The Bavarian Forrest – Country of glass makers. At Joska Crystal World in Bodenmais you can discover the magic of glass production: a real-life experience that touches all your senses.

Mine Bodenmais

Eastern Bavaria: Mine Bodenmais

Experience the world underground. The atmospheric walk through the old galleries will take you back into mining-history.

Information Center National Park Bayerwald

Eastern Bavaria: Information Center National Park Bayerwald

The Hans-Eisenmann-House in the National Park provides a hands-on nature experience –explore nature with all your senses.

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