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Medical Care

Top-class diagnosis and therapy

Medicine in BavariaQuick, effective and caring - Bavarian hospitals offer diagnosis and therapy at the very highest level. 

New developments in medicine, medical technology and pharmaceutics are constantly finding their way into the wide-ranging spectrum of services on offer.

State-of-the-art imaging techniques such as sonography, scintigraphy, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and positron emission tomography ensure high-precision diagnosis. 

Immunological, molecular biological and genetic analyses in medical laboratories provide the means to identify even very rare diseases. 

Check-ups carried out by experienced specialists can help prevent serious health problems later.

Bavaria's highly specialised medical establishments all work closely together, thus guaranteeing comprehensive therapy for even complicated cases.

Minimally invasive treatment techniques using catheter technology and keyhole surgery, i.e. operations via tiny incisions in the skin, greatly reduce the stress on the patient.

Computer-controlled systems further enhance precision in operations on brain tumours, for example, or in hip replacement surgery, again all contributing to a maximum level of safety for the patient.

Interdisciplinary teams of specialists

Patients of all ages can safely entrust themselves to the care of our committed and friendly doctors. Sensitive and professional nursing staff guarantee the highest standards of care and attention for the patients.

Highly specialised, highly professional medicine - for any health problem

For many years, international patients have been placing their trust in the services provided by clinics in Bavaria. Here you will find the facilities and expertise to cater for patients with any treatable disease.

Medicine in BavariaThe wide range of therapeutic services on offer include the treatment of heart disease, such as coronary occlusion, heart valve defects and congenital heart disorders.

Bavaria also has a well developed network of intensive care stroke units for the treatment of cerebrovascular accidents. In addition it has Europe's widest range of special beds for early rehabilitation of patients suffering serious craniocerebral injuries.

Cancer patients are treated on an interdisciplinary basis, whereby doctors can call upon a wide range of therapeutic options, ranging from operations in line with the very latest medical standards, radiation therapy, local radionuclide therapy, chemotherapy and immune therapy to bone marrow or stem cell transplants.

Injuries to the skeletal system such as breaks of the long bones, joint injuries, or injuries to the hip, spinal column or hand can all be treated with modern implants. A range of treatments and procedures are available to correct misalignment of limbs or twisting of the spine. All the large and small joints in the body can be replaced by endoprostheses. Minimally invasive surgical techniques (via tiny incisions in the skin) are used to treat even complex knee injuries or slipped discs.

All-round treatment for mother and child

Mother and child in hospitalPerinatal centres are available for the care of mothers-to-be with high-risk pregnancies. Extensive prenatal diagnosis detects any problems at an early stage in the development of the child in the mother's womb.

Blood group incompatibilities can be treated even before birth, by means of blood transfusions via the umbilical vein.

Premature and acutely ill babies are treated in special intensive-care units.

Any malformation of inner organs, in particular congenital heart defects, spina bifida, hare lips and cleft palate or misalignment of the limbs can be corrected surgically by experienced specialists.

Sick babies and children of all ages can be treated in Bavaria's paediatric institutions. A friendly, child-oriented atmosphere awaits these young patients. We can even accommodate parents and children in the same room.

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