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Hand massageWhen our health fails we realise how valuable it is. The aim of a stay in a rehabilitation clinic is to help patients regain their health and physical capabilities - for example after an operation, an sports injury or an accident.

A team of trained therapists backed by doctors ensures that your individual programme achieves maximum success. Carefully selected medical and therapeutic care helps patients reintegrate into society. 

What Bavarian rehabilitation clinics can provide:

Medical rehabilitation clinics are highly specialised and professional establishments staffed by teams of motivated people.

Bavarian rehabilitation clinics guarantee high-quality medicine, therapy and care. The quality is constantly being monitored and improvements are made.

At the beginning of an in-patient stay a thorough medical examination is carried out and if needed this is followed by a more extensive diagnosis. The results are then used to draw up a therapy programme tuned to the specific needs of the patient.

To reach the goals set out in the programme individual therapeutic and treatment plans are drawn up with the help of all the professionals involved with the patient, e.g. doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and nursing staff, depending on the medical problem.

Chronically sick patients are treated on an individual, target-oriented basis, to prevent any deterioration of their illness.

Rehabilitation clinics guarantee full and comprehensive care of the patient during the whole period of rehabilitation.

Patients are helped to regain their former level of health and activity as far as possible, so that they can reintegrate into their familiar social environment - both in their private and professional lives.

In terms of after-care, too, patients and their companions or relatives are prepared for the time after the stay in the rehabilitation clinic.

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