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Medical and Health Tourism in Bavaria

Bavaria’s medical technology occupies a leading position in the world

Medical / Health Tourism in BavariaPatients from all over the world trust the state-of-the-art medical treatments and technology in Bavaria. Bavaria’s medical service and quality occupy a leading position in the world. Bavaria’s clinics and hospitals offer state-of-the-art treatment for nearly all medical conditions. Despite being consistently improved, these treatments are available at reasonable prices, often less expensive than in other countries.

Furthermore, several highly qualified and specialized rehabilitation centers can be found in Bavaria. In these centers patients receive treatment to recover from surgery or illness.

Additionally, there is a tight network of centers for preventive medicine, early detection of illnesses and care for patients with chronic conditions. Bavarian clinics also offer extensive services to patients and their relatives, thus ensuring a pleasant stay.

The Guide-to-Bavaria presents some selected clinics and health facilities to you and you can find links to specialized clinics and facilities.

In cooperation with selected patient placement services the Guide-to-Bavaria offers a specified medical support service for international customers and guests.

To receive further information send an email to info(at)guide-to-bavaria.com

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