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Scenic routes in Bavaria

Numerous tourist routes lead you along historic roads, which were used as commercial or military roads in former times. Here, you’ll find a small selection of the most attractive and most popular routes in Bavaria.

German Alpine Road

Visitors from all over the world are fascinated by Germany’s oldest holiday route, with a length of more than 450 km (280 miles). It is located in within the most beautiful landscape and offer fantastic views.

The Romantic Road

Like no other scenic route, the unique Romantic Road between Wuerzburg to Fuessen, connects urban culture and rural landscapes.

German Toy Road

A journey along the German Toy Road leads you to magnificent towns and uplands of Franconia and Thuringia and is the setting for an exciting route (300 kilometres/190 miles long) which leads directly to the dreams of your childhood: to toys in all shapes and sizes.

Castle Road

On this awe-inspiring route between Mannheim and Prague, 70 castles, ruins and palaces are evidence of the glorious past.

Sisi’s Road

Follow the footsteps of the Austrian Empress Elisabeth from Augsburg to Budapest and visit the places where “Sisi” spent the happiest days of her life.

The Glass Route

Discover the charm of the Glass Route. The "green roof of Europe" is home to an industry that produces the most beautiful treasure of the Bavarian forest: glass.

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