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Shopping in Bavaria

Shopping in Bavaria

Shopping in Bavaria is a pleasure! Particularly the big cities, such as Munich, Nuremberg, and Regensburg offer anything you might wish for, from everyday items to expensive luxuries.

The more rural areas and towns offer a selection of well organised stores, in which you can enjoy pleasant and more relaxed shopping. Moreover, they are sometimes the places where you can get traditional goods or regional specialities.

Sometimes, shopping is more than just hunting after new things. So it is on world-famous and ritzy Maximilianstrasse in Munich which attracts those who can afford to spend more than the average shopper - much more, to be precise! If you are not among these people, don't worry, Maximilianstrasse is still fun to visit, even if it is just for window shopping and getting a glimpse on the world of the riches.

When travelling you may be looking for those 'typical' Bavarian products which will remind you of the time you spent here. Since Bavaria is a very traditional region there are plenty of things to choose from. Dirndls, Lederhosen, or other clothes in Bavarian style can be found in many specialized stores and in the bigger cities even in department stores. Wood carving products can best be get in Oberammergau, glassware along the Glass Route and stoneware along the Pocelain Route in north-eastern Bavaria. Typical souveniers such as beer steins, felt hats, and the like will be offered in any town of touristical interest.

Bavaria is also famous for its hearty food and beverages but also for the many delicatessen that can be found here. So if you want to bring home a taste of Bavaria you should watch out for 'Weißwürste' (White Sausages), sweet mustard, beer and schnaps. When in Nuremberg, there is no way around its famous gingerbread. Franconia is renowned for its good wines and the Allgäu for its cheese.

Business hours:

Legal business hours: Monday to Saturday 6:00 am to 8.00 pm

Many small shops, especially in smaller communities, operate different opening hours, generally from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (grocery stores from 8.00 am), Saturdays till 1.00 pm.  Special regulations with longer opening hours apply for businesses in big train stations and airports: they are often open till 11.00 pm.


Popular souvenirs are local objects of art - e.g. ceramics, traditional costumes, porcelain, enamel, jewellery and glassware.


Tourists with residence outside the EU can obtain a VAT reimbursement for goods purchased in Germany. For this purpose a specific form has to be issued in the shop, the items are to be exported within a period of three months and the export of the items must be confirmed by a stamp affixed by the EU-Customs office. For all details concerning the handling of tax refund read the guidelines by the German Customs Office.

The "Global Refund Cheque", which you will need to get the VAT refunded when leaving the EU-market, can be obtained in all shops with the sign "Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING".

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