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Bavaria: natural beauty and stunning sights galore!

return of livestock from high alpine summer pastures

Bavaria is full of magnificent sights and highlights to see. Ranging from historic cities and small towns to Baroque churches, medieval towers and other amazing sights, left by monarchs, priests, abbots, famous citizens and builders of the past.

Picturesque nature with crystal clear lakes, national parks and nature resorts as well as many cultural events and festivals definitely make your vacation in Bavaria worthwhile.

Bad ToelzIn our subsection "Experiencing Bavaria" you will find a selection of the most beautiful cities and highlights as well as specific sights as well as suggestions for summer and winter vacation, wellness holidays and more.

One thing to bear in mind: if you really want to get to know Bavaria, you ought to visit our country at least three times, ithat is in winter, in summer and during the Oktoberfest.

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