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Train/Public transportation

No matter where you want to travel to, you will always find the best connections and connecting trains in entire Germany as well as links to regional travel opportunities and local traffic in Bavarian cities with just one click at the Deutsche Bahn (DB) online service. Choose your start and destination. From now on the Deutsche Bahn also gives you the connections between different addresses in addition to the regular train timetables.

Travel information including Mobillity Check: What kind of transport for your travel is the best? Train and bus or private transport? Compare and decide for yourself including footpaths and maps.

How to use mobile service check the travel information:

1. Start your search in the travel information
2. On the displayed links you find the button "mobility check"
3. Select this and you get the travel opportunities with other kinds of transport displayed

Free ride for children

Children up to 5 years always ride for free. From 6 to 14 children traveling for free with parents or grand parents or the entire family. Before taking the train just register the children in the ticket of the adults. In case your children travel alone, they always receive a 50% discount both in short-distance and long-distance traffic.

DB Auto Carriers

Motorail train - Copyright Deustche Bahn

This form of online travel planning is very useful for those who want to use their cars and motorcycles during their holidays without the troubles of a long journey: 

Bayern-Fahrplan: Bavarian Train Timetable

Find information about journeys by trains, buses, suburban trains and tramways in Bavaria and rail journeys in Germany with the electronic travel service "Bayern-Fahrplan":

Bayern Info: Travel information and route planning for cars, cycling and public transport

On the website you´ll find travel information including your individual route map plan. You can also find comprehensive information about the public transport in Bavaria with timetable and stop plans. The current traffic situation in Bavaria with traffic congestion and construction sites shows a continuously updated overview map.

With direct links to the airports of Munich and Nuremberg you´ll find the latest departures and arrivals.

Some informative travel times (in hours) between major European cities:

Salzburg - München 1:30 | Verona - München 5:30 | Wien - München 4:50 | Zürich - München 4:24 | Prag - Nürnberg 4:56

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