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Wellness Holidays in Bavaria

Wellness - Harmony of body, mind and soul

Wellness in BavariaFeeling comfortable and at ease, staying healthy and fit for the rest of one’s life –who wouldn’t dream of this? If you are looking for harmony of body, mind and soul, or if you would like to relax and be pampered, enjoy beauty treatments or simply unwind for a while, Bavaria offers numerous spas and wellness facilities to make your dream come true.

Warm waters, reviving baths, hot steam, fragrant oils, smooth massages, algae or mud treatments, relaxing light crystals, hot saunas or a visit to the beautician’s…the choice is yours, create your own programme for wellbeing. Of course a wellness holiday is even more fun with a partner…

Wellness in BavariaProfessional massages loosen all tensions, stimulate your metabolism, help you detoxicate, make your skin look smoother and make you feel less nervous and stressed. You’ll feel more relaxed, vital and happy. Algae and moor treatments smoothen your skin, relax all tension and harmonize body, mind and soul.

Purify yourself in a hay bath, tickled by thousands of dried leafs or stems, which surround your skin in a warm bed of water. Wellness treatments are not only a source of beauty and happiness, but also revive your soul.

You’ll find wellness hotels in the menu “hotels and accommodation”.

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