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Bavaria's Cities have a Lot to Offer…..




Munich is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, if not the most beautiful. Accordingly, the city enjoys posing in her role as glamorous diva….



Nuernberg – some people might associate the famous "Nuremberg Bratwurst" sausages with it, for others is might be gingerbread, the Christmas Market, or even the National Socialists….



A city with a 2000-years history - Since its foundation by the Emperor Augustus in 15 B.C., Augsburg has been an important traffic junction of the European continent….


Regensburg (World Heritage Site)

Much has been said or sung about Regensburg by writers, politicians and the world's greatest. And they were proven right. Famous men…



This lively University and Congress Town has celebrated its 1,300-years anniversary in 2004. Located in the middle of a vineyard region, Würzburg is dominated by its landmark...



Historically grown as a margravial residence, and made world-famous by the Richard-Wagner-Festival, Upper Franconia's largest town has become a modern...


Bamberg (World Heritage Site)

Bamberg is an unspoiled town with a unique atmosphere. 1,000 years of history united in the town's historical urban development...



Life on three rivers - Passau thrives on its eventful history as well as on its lively present. Different eras over the last millennia have shaped this cosmopolitan and culturally….

Bamberg Erlangen Fürth Nürnberg Aschaffenburg Würzburg Schweinfurt Bayreuth Regensburg Passau Landshut Augsburg Kempten Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land Chiemsee Rosenheim München Ingolstadt

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