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Nature's Firework Display

One of Europe's most beautiful landscapes awaits you.

The beauty of Berchtesgadener Land - watch our 3-minute video and see for yourself:

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Kings, artists, sportsmen and guests from all over the world have always been fascinated by this regions unique sights and its distinctive landmark  - Watzmann, the third highest mountain in Germany with a height of 2714 meters. The Rupertiwinkel, Upper Bavaria's comfy corner - a holiday country at the foot of the mountains - offers many opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

The varied landscape is fascinating and the silence of nature is soothing. The people are of an ingenuous and buoyant temper and fond of company. Love of one's native country is proverbial.

Customs and traditions are very important in Bavaria's social life. Passed on for generations they have not forfeited their popularity, as is shown by many events and festivities.

Vacations in Berchtesgadener Land: Lake Thumsee

Location: The district of Berchtesgadener land is the southeasternmost part of Bavaria and it is located only 20 kilometers away from the Mozart City of Salzburg in the German - Austrian border region.

This map shows you the connection to Salzburg from the communities Berchtesgaden, Bischofswiesen, Ramsau and Schönau am Königssee.


Berchtesgadener Land

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