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Welcome to Bischofswiesen


At the heart of the Bavarian Alps, this health resort welcomes its visitors with a unique panoramic view. The charming valley is perfect for hiking, for mountain and bicycle tours. Many well-built hiking trails and challenging steep tracks reward your efforts with fantastic views. Bischofswiesen offers not only the regular variety of treatments, but a wide range of options for you to improve your health. Families with children are most welcome.

A large adventure park, a skate park, and climbing classes for children make sure it never gets boring. World-famous ski jumpers can be admired in summer at the ski jump Kälberstein. Bischofswiesen is the hometown of multiple Olympic champion Georg Hackl, and it offers everything an athlete could wish for: The family ski-region Götschen is the regional center of Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding, and as such it is perfectly equipped for amateurs and professionals alike: With snow machines, floodlight, and halfpipe. Another special experience is a visit to the nature swimming pool „Naturbad Aschauerweiher“. A water playground, a diving platform, and an island complete with a drawbridge and a waterfall turn this pool into a adventure park for kids.

Those looking for peace and quiet can enjoy the calm of the harmoniously designed deck-chair area; for those seeking excitement, the recreational center offers many choices: Beach volleyball, the newly finished nature path, and the well-kept cross-country ski runs in winter.

Hospitality is tradition in Bischofswiesen. Well-kept rooms, traditional bavarian pubs, and shady beer gardens bear witness to the Bavarian way of life. Beautiful traditional costums, colorful festivities, and honest tradition enrich this town. From the traditional "Almwirtschaft" (alpine farming) to religious holidays: Tradition still plays an important role in everyday life.

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