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Chiemsee: "the Bavarian Sea"

The beauty of Chiemsee - watch our 1-minute video and see for yourself:

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"Chiemsee! When I close my eyes, be it anywhere, and I hear water lapping against ship planks, memories of my early days awake in me, memories of hours I dreamed away in a boat, surrounded only by the lake and the sky above." Ludwig Thoma (Bavarian Writer, 1867-1921).

Not only Ludwig Thoma was so fascinated by the Chiemsee, Bavaria's largest lake, that he kept such a vivid memory of it to his dying day, but also a countless number of tourists who visit the lake and its surroundings every year. Besides the beauty of the landscape, the region also offers plenty to make your holiday as interesting and exciting as possible.

Many places around Chiemsee offer a wide array of outdoor activities: fishing, bathing resorts, outdoor swimming pools, balloon rides, golf, and much more. In addition, Chiemsee is also the site of the two first-class spas Bad Endorf and Prien.

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So, come and visit the Chiemsee-Alpenland region where you can enjoy the scenery around Bavarias largest lake, and take in the magnificent view of the Chiemsee Alps in the background. Make a boating trip to the Chiemsee islands on which you will find some of Bavarias most interesting cultural treasures: Step onto shore on Herrenchiemsee island and find yourself in „little Versailles“, a castel built by King Ludwig II. imitaing the splendor of its original near Paris. Or let yourself be taken back in history while strolling through the quaint fishing village and the old Benedictine Nunnery (foundend in 782) on Frauenchiemsee Island. Find out more about the Chiemsee-Alpenland region in our article about its highlights.

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