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Eastern Bavaria (Ostbayern)

Holidays in Eastern Bavaria: Fun and Happy Spirits

Eastern Bavaria is divided into four vacation regions: the Bavarian Forest, the Upper Palatinate Forest, the Bavarian Jura and Lower Bavaria between the Rivers Danube and Inn, and the bavarian "Thermenland" with its hot springs Bad Abbach, Bad Birnbach, Bad Füssing, Bad Gögging, and Bad Griesbach south of the Danube.

The Danube, Europe's second longest river, flows through the middle of Eastern Bavaria, which was once the boarder of the Roman Empire. Here you can find many well preserved historic towns and cities and you will notice traces of mediterranean culture.

Weltenburg NarrowstorrentWalhalla

Castles and castle ruins from medieval times come in numbers, as well as cathedrals and churches in Romanesque and Gothic style and palaces and monasteries in exuberant Baroque. Eastern Bavaria is also the place of the largest woodland in Central Europe. It spreads over an area of 6000 km² between the Danube, the Bohemian Forest and the border to Austria and there are more than 60 mountains higher than 1000 meters. 

The Upper Palatinate Forest and the Upper Palatinate's lake-land district, a wooded region with plenty of water and a range of tributary rivers, is a well known destination for hikers, cyclists, anglers, riders and campers. The region of Stiftland, land of mineral springs and thousand ponds, is located in the northern part of the Upper Palatinate forest. It is named after the abbey of Waldsassen, which characterizes the region with its monastic tradition and numerous monuments. 

Various glassworks, galleries and museums are evidence of a long glassworking tradition. The Bavarian Jura with its soft hills is characterized by tranquil rivers and streams. Here you can find idyllically located mills and manor houses, unspoilt dry valleys and graceful deciduous forests. Nature lovers experience an austere yet charming Jurassic landscape with rugged limestone reefs, which now serve as rope roots (via ferratas), dripstone caves and smooth peaks, vales and valleys. The dreamy river valleys are a paradise for hikers and cyclists. In this region beer brewing is of great importance. 

Excellent beer and delicacies are served. How about a cool glass of beer and a proper snack in one of the traditional Bavarian beer gardens underneath the white and blue Bavarian sky? Thanks to its rustic charm of a cultural landscape, the southern part of Lower Bavaria between the Rivers Danube and Inn is one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. The Hallertau, the biggest hops-planting area in the world, and the vast Gäuboden plain, which is also referred to as the "granary of Bavaria", are located here. 

Passau, Deggendorf, Landshut and Regensburg form the four cornerstones of Lower Bavaria. Behind the ancient walls of these towns, life is young and vibrant. The vast land lying between these towns offers meadows, woods and appealing places with a lot of traditional culture.

Eastern Bavaria is full of miracles - great and small. Head off to discover those miracles or follow  romanesque traces, the choice is yours.

Oberpfälzer Wald Niederbayern zwischen Donau und Inn Bayerische Jura Bayerischer Wald
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