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The Attractive Vacation Region of the Fichtel Mountains (Fichtelgebirge)

Nature-Culture-Leisure-History: That's probably the most concise description of the vacation destination Fichtel Mountains. About 540 million years ago, a huge elementary power has piled up this still impressive mountain range higher than the comparably young Alps. But millions of years of that power have also taken its toll: What remains now is like a high-carat, flawless gemstone; a pretty, low mountain range, bearing the symbol of luck: A horseshoe made of granite.

Rock Formation: Drei Brueder Evidence for this wild past can be found everywhere: Granite blocks piled up to rock formations with such descripive and creative names as ocean of blocks, mattress camp, maze of rocks, and wool sacks. Whole forests cling to it.

Embedded in this rough but beautiful country with its forest-dark mountain ranges and its friendly, open plateaus, are  the villages of the Fichtel Mountains, offering a variety of options for activities and recreation. An effective tourism industry leaves nothing to be desired even for a demanding taste and at reasonable prices.

Here you can find a broad range of nearly inexhaustible possibilities to enjoy a vacation that is custom-fit for you. If it's hiking, horse-riding, or surfing, flying, sport shooting, swimming, skiing, or any other social and sweaty sport you can think of, the Fichtel Mountains are equipped for just about everything. These few examples might give you an idea.

Culture is an important part of the Fichtel Mountains. Hardly any place here where you won't stumble upon monuments, structures, or museums preserving the heritage of our forefathers. The range of events includes something for everybody. To mention but a few: the Richard-Wagner-Festival in Bayreuth, the International Film Days in Hof, and the Luisenburg-Festival in Wunsiedel on Germany's oldest and most beautiful natural stage.

Fichtel Mountain Landscape

The country's fate was controlled by the nobility of Hohenzollern. Over more than 500 years they dominated the face of this region as margraves, before it became part of Bavaria. A particularly happy and culturally eventful period was the reign of Margrave Friedrich and his wife Wilhelmine. They have left priceless baroque structures and magnificent gardens.

But the modern times are just waiting around the corner. The Fichtel Mountains is one of the most industrialized regions within Bavaria. Porcelain, textile, and glass industry are among the most important branches, along with matte and forestry. No question about it: Outlet sales offer some outstanding bargains, such a Versace glass, a Morandini designed collectible cup, or maybe one of those Franconian tin mugs with their simple beauty.

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