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Vacation in the Franconian Lakes Region (Fränkisches Seenland)

Holidays in the Franconian Lakes Region: Sunset at Lake Roth

This vacation region is located about 20 to 30 kilometers to the South-West of Nuremberg, in the very middle of Bavaria. It resulted from one of Germany's largest water management projects and was completed by the flooding of Lake Brombach in 2000.

Franconian Lakes include Lake Altmühl, Lake Brombach/Igelsbach, Lake Roth, Lake Dennenloh, and Lake Hahnenkamm: vacation and recreation in, on and around water - to surf and to sail on, to fish, swim, and dive in, to boat...Water as the reviving element of nature, but also water as a retreat for rare bird species, which nest or just rest on the 120 ha Birds' Island on Lake Altmühl.

You can enjoy exemplary recreational facilities: Huge sun-bathing areas on marvelous, sandy beaches, sailing, surfing, and bathing shores, and more than 1,500 kilometers in biking trails.

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The perfect spot for active vacationers as well as for those who just want to relax in the sun, on and by the water. Shipping companies on Lake Altmühl and on Great Brombach Lake with its unique trimaran (three hull ships) offer variety, and relaxation from a different perspective.

The Franconian Lakes also offers ancient history for you to re-live. Just about everywhere you can stumble upon remainders from the past, upon interesting natural or artificial monuments, upon mighty castles and beautiful palaces, upon time-honored churches and monasteries. The Romans especially have left their mark here, as the Rhaetian Limes (the Devil's Wall) once went directly through this vacation region.

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