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Vacations in Franconian Switzerland (Fränkische Schweiz)

The city triangle of Bamberg - Bayreuth - Nuremberg defines Franconian Switzerland. A nature park for decades, it's one of the oldest and most popular vacation regions in Germany, with a structured, rural landscape of romantic, graceful valleys.

Castle Rabenstein with Neumuehle in Ailsbach valley at KirchahornMedieval castles and ruins rise majestically. Idyllic, small villages with their half-timbered houses line the trails of hikers, bikers, and Nordic Walkers. The adventure-seeking vacationer finds many activities waiting for him: Flying from Mount Feuerstein in Ebermannstadt and in Pegnitz, golfing in Thurnau, in Kanndorf, and in Pottenstein, kayaking on the Wiesent River, fly-fishing in Wiesenttal Valley, and rock-climbing in Trubachtal Valley. For families with kids we recommend a visit to one of the two fun parcs: the Franconian Wonderland in Plech and Thurn Castle at Forchheim; or perhaps speedy sledging on the alpine slide at Pottenstein.

Wellness enthusiasts are treated to a variety of possibilities in the thermal spa bath of Obernsee. A complex network of hiking and biking trails meets every level of athleticism. The "Hiking without baggage" program has turned out to be a particularly popular option: Unburdened by heavy bags, three tours of 5, 6, or 7 days can be booked at the tourism center. A special treat for those guests interested in geology are the more than 1000 caves. To protect the environment, not all of them can be explored, but Sophie's, Devil's, and Bing Cave more than make up for that. Particularly interesting for families: The wildlife park of Hundshaupten near Egloffstein, as well as the wildlife park "Hufeisen" (horse shoe) in the Veldenstein Forest. The art of falconry is performed at the Castle of Rabenstein, where more than 60 both diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey are appropriately kept in a aviary. Culture lovers will find treasures of their taste in the numerous museums in the region.

Franconian Switzerland has been known as the romantic "Land of Castles, Caves, and Mills" for the last 200 years; and rightly so. On top of that, this area of about 2,500 charms its visitors with its rural characteristics. An entertaining range of countless village festivities and traditional church fairs mirror the old traditions of the nature park. Guided tours on educational nature trails or a visit to a local shepherd offer an exciting glance at rural life while guaranteeing informative and fun all-weather diversions.

Townhall ForchheimTypical and widely known are the Easter Fountains (Osterbrunnen) that attract ten thousands of visitors each year. In Bieberbach near Egloffstein you can find the world's largest Easter Fountain, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Franconian Switzerland is also known as the largest growing area of sweet cherries - an ideal basis for the 300 liquor breweries in the county of Forchheim alone. Between late April and early May, Franconian Switzerland turns into a dreamy landscape when countless fruit trees put on their beautiful flower dress.

But also the 71 breweries of Franconian Switzerland should be mentioned: The world's highest density of private breweries is located in Aufseß (population: 1,500) where four breweries create their "liquid bread", and sometimes sell it only in their own pub. Another special experience for all ages is a ride with the museum train, linking Ebermannstadt and Baehringermühle between May and October on every Sunday and all holidays.

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