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German Toy Road (Spielzeugstraße)

Welcome to the German Toy Road

A journey along the German Toy Road leads you to magnificent towns and uplands of Franconia and Thuringia and is the setting for an exciting route (300 kilometres long) which leads directly to the dreams of your childhood: to toys in all shapes and sizes - to workshops and showrooms, to museums and fun parks. All of them have many a story to tell: from the production of the toy right up to its use in generations of children's playrooms. And they invite young and old to playfully get to know the rich cultural landscape between Nuremberg and Waltershausen.

All are invited whatever their age. Everyone will find it fun to watch a teddy bear awake to life under skilled fingers or an ultra modern toy locomotive being produced by "industrial" methods,

The toy museums do not only preserve and display objects which gave pleasure to our forefathers but they also offer a deeper insight into the cultural and economic history of the two regions as well as into the often difficult living and working conditions under which things were created to delight children's hearts elsewhere. And by no means imagine that the numerous museums are all alike. A visit will soon show you that each one sets its own accents and new aspects will be revealed by a visit to the next one.

You don't need to be a child to enjoy watching a bear doctor treating a patient. A look behind the scenes in a doll factory makes you realise something of the true value of German high quality work. In a glass works you may be surprised to learn the connection between Christmas decorations, marbles and doll's eyes. In a teddy bear market, collectors' hearts will swell with delight over an acquisition which will help to complete his own collection. And "normal" toys can also be purchased everywhere. In numerous toy shops and often even from the manufacturer. And for a change you can visit fun parks where gnomes, plastic figures, real animals or knights and Indians transport visitors into another world. And all this is rounded off by the legendary hospitality of the hotels and inns along the route. 

Detailed information about the history of the german toys road, the participating companies and locations, events, museums, theme parks and accommodations are available on the website of the german toy road (in German only):


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