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Welcome to Gunzenhausen


This Middle Franconian town is considered as the center of the Franconian Lake Country as well as the gate to Nature Park Altmühltal.

The town looks back on a rich history. The Romans discovered the advantageous location of the Altmühl ford and errected a fort.  Ruins of three watch towers bear witness of the particular importance of this Roman border town. Years later, the "wild margrave" Carl Wilhelm Friedrich von Brandenburg-Ansbach built two palaces in the Altmühl town. Three towers dominate the townscape: the Blasturm, errected in 1466 and rebuilt in 1603, the small Storchenturm (around 1450) and the Färberturm (14th century).

Hiker's and Biker's Paradise

Gunzenhausen is an ideal starting point for walking and cycling tours. 500 kilometers of signposted cycling trails around Gunzenhausen and Lake Altmühlsee offer extensive opportunities to explore the charming landscape of Altmühltal Valley and the Franconian Lake Country.

The indoor "Juramare-Hallenbad" and outdoor "Waldbad am Limes" are Gunzenhausen's adventure pools.

One of Franconia's most important folk festivals, the "Gunzenhäuser Kerwa"  takes place every September. There are numerous cultural events throughout the year.

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