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Natural Park Hass Mountains (Naturpark Haßberge)

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Landscape in the Hass MountainsA refuge for naturlovers and bikers can be found in the Hass Mountains (Hassberge). Quiet and still largely undiscovered, this triangular region between the Main river in the north and the Rhoen mountains in the south is demarcated at its three corners by the towns of Schweinfurt, Bamberg and Bad Koenigshofen a.d. Saale.

The beauty of this contryside lives from its contrasts, from the alternation of woods and open landscape, of green valleys and hilltops up to 500 m high, their ridges crisscrossed by ancient paths once used by hunters, couriers, traders and armies.

Celts, Slavs and the Germanic tribes have all left their marks here, for example in the form of forts and military earthworks. Over ten castle ruins and nearly 35 stately homes bear witness to the equally colorful later history of the Hass Mountains region. 

Castle EyrichshofAn excellent network of local and longdistance hiking trails, many of them allowing convenient circular routes, guides walkers to the natural and cultural attractions of the region. They include the Castles and Stately Homes Trail (Burgen- und Schlösserweg), the Race Trail (Rennweg), The Public Messenger Trail (Amtsbotenweg), the Celtic Experience Trail (Kelten-Erlebnisweg) and the Hass Mountains Castle Study Trail (Burgenkundlicher Lehrpfad Hassberge).

Cyclists can explore the Hass Mountains on 25 different Routes from Grabfeld to the Main river and from Schweinfurt to Bamberg.

There are also several excellent circular routes in the districts around Bad Königshofen, Baunach, Ebern and Königsberg.

People in the Hass MountainsYou can experience the most picturesque side of the Hass Mountains on the Romantic Half-timbered Buildings Route (Straße der Fachwerkromantik).

This route guides visitors to some of the most delightful examples of Franconias typical half-timbered architecture in Hassfurt, Hoffeneim, Königsberg, Hofheim, Bad Königshofen, Ebern, Baunach, Zeil a. Main and other towns.

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