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Paradise between Inn and Salzach

Near Perach: Backwaters of River Inn in WinterThe Inn - Salzach region in Upper Bavaria offers nature, culture and relaxation off the beaten tourist tracks. The diverse landscape was formed by the natural powers of the glacial periods. There are unspoilt wetlands, calm backwaters and high river slopes at the estuaries of the Rivers Inn, Alz and Salzach. In between are wide areas of meadows, woods, fertile farmlands and neat villages.

Farm gardens glow with bright colors and some barns are still adorned with beautiful traditional carpentry. A tertiary hill country full of picturesque isolated farms located north of the River Inn, known as "Holzland", invites you to go on hiking tours. On clear days you can see the Alpine panorama reaching from Salzkammergut to the Zugspitze.

Spring in the Inn - Salzach RegionThe old trading towns Mühldorf and Neuötting at River Inn abound with art treasures and cultural life. The medieval town of Burghausen is the site of the longest castle of the world and the pilgrimage town of Altötting is famous for its Chapel of Grace on its Baroque town square. Since they hold many treasures, local churches and monasteries are worth visiting as well.

Golf Club PleiskirchenThe region's extensive cycle path network with many short and long distance routes makes it easy for you to reach all the cultural and scenic highlights. There are many possibilities for long cycling tours. Starting point and goal are both accessible by train.

Trains to Munich and Salzburg leave every hour. There is also a regular trains service to Landshut, Neumarkt - Sankt Veit/Passau, Simbach near river Inn/Braunau, Burghausen and Freilassing/Salzburg, Traunstein/Ruhpolding and Wasserburg/Rosenheim.

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