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Vacation Between Lake Ammersee and River Lech

Nature and culture invite you! 

Bathing in lake Ammersee, hiking along the banks of River Lech, cycling or just taking a walk, here you can take a break from everyday life.

Picturesque places, baroque churches, comfy pubs and a stunning landscape are waiting for you. Centrally located, it is only a stone's throw away from Munich or the Fugger City of Augsburg. The royal castles are easy to reach and a visit to Legoland is a very popular one day trip for families!

Lake Ammersee

The Landsberg-Lech district

What makes this region one of the most popular attractions for both locals and tourists? The landscape of course! Conviviality and hospitality? That's for sure!

The town and places themselves are crucial for the region's attractivity. All the advantages that make the Alpine upland so adorable meet here: exemplary restored towns where modern life pulsates behind historic walls, neat villages cultivating their cultural heritages, idyllic landscape embedded between River Lech and Lake Ammersee, which offers various sports options against the background of the magnificent alpine scenery. 

A land steeped in history 

The Lechrain, the Bavarian-Allemanic language boundary along the river, is a region abundant with churches, monasteries and cultural relics. Vilgertshofen is the place of the well-known baroque Pilgrim's church "Zur Schmerzhaften Muttergottes" built by the architect Josef Schmuzer. Every year on sunday after Assumption Day (August 15) the Marian brotherhood moves in a silent procession with depiction of scenes from the Old and New Testament. Stations of the Cross can be found in Rott on the way to the Kalvarienberg (752m), the highest point of the district.

Nearby lies Engelsrieder See, whose shores are seamed with idyllic peatbogs and birch forests. The vicarage's yard in Reichling was also designed by Josef Schmuzer.

St. Nicolaus Parish Church is built on the highest point of the village (736m). It is located above the Lechleite and you can go on hiking trips along the Hankante to Apfeldorf and Kinsau from there. This landscape has been highly regarded for a long time. Ascertained traces south of Pestenacker show evidence of settlements from 4000 - 1800 BC. Numerous fields of burial mounds and Celtic nemetons originate from the Bronze Age (approx. 1550 - 1250 BC) and above all from the Hallstatt period (700- 450 BC). From 15 BC on, the area belonged to the Roman province Raetia. West of River Lech, the Via Claudia leads from Augsburg to Verona. Epfach (Abodiacum) was a significant Roman provincial settlement.

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