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Landshut county is located at the heart of Old Bavaria and at the center of Europe. The valleys of the rivers Isar, Vils and Laaber have been important commercial routes for many centuries. The autobahn 92 (Munich-Deggendorf) and the highway 15 (Regensburg–Rosenheim) still follow the routes of ancient roads. Between the autobahn and the highway there is a 500-km-long network of well-developed county roads.

With a surface area of 1,348 km2 the county Landshut is about half as big as the German federal state of the Saarland. It consists of 35 communities, 17 of which have been combined to form administrative collectivities.

There are two towns in the county, Rottenburg and Vilsbiburg and seven market towns, Altdorf , Ergolding , Ergoldsbach , Essenbach , Geisenhausen , Pfeffenhausen and Velden. The county of Landshut has 147,182 inhabitants (as of 30. June 2004). The most densely populated areas are the towns of Rottenburg (approx. 7,700 inhabitants) and Vilsbiburg (11,400 inhabitants), the market towns of Ergolding (11,400 inhabitants), Altdorf (11,400 inhabitants) and Essenbach (10,800 inhabitants).

The City of Landshut, capital of Lower Bavaria (60,156 inhabitants) has the shape of a narrow island within the county, which is divided into a northern and a southern part by the Isar River. The county’s widest north-south expansion is 50.7km, from east to west it measures 46.6km. The southern part of the county is characterized by many hamlets, in the northern part larger villages are prevalent.

Attractive scenery

The county’s towns, market towns, hamlets and homesteads are nestled into beautiful landscape. Variation makes the area particularly attractive: meadows, fields and forests on the crests of the “tertiary hill country“ in the south, the “Hallertau” in the north and in between a lush stretch of floodplain forests and meadows along the glittering waters of the Isar River.

On the plateau of the Isar valley, between Bruckberg in the west and Weng in the east, there is a wide strip of fertile loess soil. 7,500 years ago the first German farmers settled in this area and 1,500 years ago a new people built its first villages: the Bajuwaren (Bavarians), who were going to strongly influence the area.

The county of Landshut is intersected by numerous rivers and streams, especially in the south, where you can find the Small and Large Vils River, which join at Gerzen, as well as the Bina River. In the center of the county there is the Isar River, which originates in the Karwendel Mountains and in the north, there are the Large and Small Laaber River. They all are tributaries of the Danube River. 

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