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Vacation in the Lovely Tauber Valley (Liebliches Taubertal)

NiederstettenDukes and Emperors, the poor and the rich, all crossed the Tauber Valley at some point: It has always been the connection between Vienna and Frankfurt, between the Danube and the Main River.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, when famous traveling professor Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl explored Tauber Valley on foot in 1865 and concluded: „A walk through Tauber Valley is a walk through German history.“

The Professor went on to ponder: „In one place, the geographic structure appears dominant, in another it's the historic memories; in a third the particularities of naive, local traditions stick out, others are marked by commerce and hustle; in yet others it's the art monuments...“

The region is marked by remarkable buildings, parochial and profane, from the Stauffer era to that of Baroque. Impressive medieval townscapes and well-tended villages are decorated with particular images of visual arts. Art, Culture, and History are all embodied by the Tauber-Franconian half-timber towns and charming villages.

Bad Mergentheim

„Lovely Tauber Valley“ almost magically attracts hikers and nature lovers, mountain bikers and activity seekers, art and cuisine lovers. The typical charm of its landscape, the magnificent buildings, and the perfectly embedded art monuments: These are the features that allow this vacation region around Main and Tauber Valley to offer calmness and recreation, activity and conviviality, all at once.

The tourism association „Lovely Tauber Valley“ focuses on the subjects of mountain biking, hiking, and "wine & culture" to attract visitors. The wide range of activities and the extensive service have turned this region into a diversified vacation destination.

Getting to „Lovely Tauber Valley“ is easy, due to the dense traffic network. It is a trip both into the past and to one of the most charming natural spots in Germany. Lined up like pearls on a string, you can find the impressive medieval towns and neat villages alongside Tauber and Main River.

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