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The Oktoberfest in Munich

The Munich Oktoberfest - watch our short Video and see for yourself:

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The philosophy

How can you explain the Munich Oktoberfest, or "Wiesn", as the locals call it?

Oktoberfest at nightA few figures might help: Over 6 million “Maß” (1-liter glasses) of beer are drunk, half a million fried chickens are eaten and an unknown number of dirndls and lederhosen, the traditional Bavarian costumes, can be seen during the Oktoberfest.

But figures are not enough to describe the world’s biggest fun fair. The Wiesn is as colorful and as diversified as its visitors. And every visitor has his very own Wiesn experience.

Many visitors think of the beer tents as the major attraction. When people lift their glasses to say “Prost” (the Bavarian “cheers”) and when visitors from all over the world are dancing on the benches to the sounds of DJ Ötzi, you make new friends and have a real good time.

Outside the tents you experience fun of a different kind. There are nostalgic as well as modern fun rides: test your courage in one of the roller coasters with several loopings, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Wiesn or visit one of the Beer tent on the Oktoberfesthistoric Wiesn attractions, for example the Schichtl with his magic theatre, the Teufelsrad (devil’s wheel) or the notorious conveyor belt of the Toboggan, which you shouldn’t try if you already had a “Maß” beer or two.

The true Wiesn insider knows: The Oktoberfest is more than Bavarian beer and adrenalin – and its atmosphere is hard to capture. You 'd better experience it yourself.

By the way: The working committee "Sicherheit auf der Wiesn” (Oktoberfest security), which consists of the organizing committee and all public authorities, is working out security measures to make the Wiesn safer. Each year, they adapt these measures, taking all currently known risks into consideration.

This year's Oktoberfest is taking place from September, 9. until October, 4. Apart from the traditional merry-go-rounds and beer tents there will be some spectacular new joy rides, e.g. "The Tower" which advertises itself as the highest traveling high rise building in the world. Or the "Kobra" a gigantic swing that takes its riders to a height of 45 metres. And there will be some new food stands, too, like the "Goldene Hahn" offering chicken specialities and "Zur Räuberpfanne" which has all kinds of stir-fried food on its menu. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, don't worry, you will find meat and animal product free food at many stands.

Here is an overview of the Oktoberfest events 2015:

Sat, 09.19.

10.45 am

Parade of the Oktoberfest Landlords


12:00 pm

Mayor Dieter Reiter taps the first keg at the "Schottenhamel" tent and with his words „O'zapft is“ (it is tapped) the 182. Munich Oktoberfest is officially openend

Sun, 09.20.

09:00 am

Gay Sunday at the "Bräurosl" tent


10:00 am

Costume Parade

Tue, 09.22.

12:00 pm to 06:00 pm

First "Familientag" (Family Day - reduced prices for most fun rides)

Thur, 09.24.

10:00 am

Traditional Oecumenic Church Service at "Fischer Vroni" tent

Sun, 09.27.

11:00 am

Concert of the Oktoberfest Bands on the steps under the Bavaria statue

Tue, 09.29.

12:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Second "Familientag" (Family Day)

Sun, 10.04.

12:00 pm

Canon salutes below the Bavaria statue


24:00 am

End of the 182. Oktoberfest

Some useful tips:

  • Book your accommodation way in advance! Munich and the surrounding area are completely booked out during the Oktoberfest. Our Hotel Data Base will help you find rooms.
  • Official Oktoberfest Poster 2015If you would like to visit the beer tents in a group of several people, you should book a table (ideally 8-12 months in advance).
  • Even alone, as a couple or in a smaller group it is sometimes not easy to get into a tent without a reservation. But don't give up too soon! If you will be sent away at the main entrance try one of the side entrances! Or consider to try a smaller tent, the atmosphere there is no less exciting than in the big ones. And remember: You need a seating pleace to be served beverages - even if you are not actually sitting but dancing on it ;-) People standing in the aisles will not be served!
  • Try the "Oide Wiesn" (local vernacular for "Old Oktoberfest"). This historical part with carousels from olden times, a museum's tent with old Oktoberfest memorabilia, a kids' program, food stands and tents, is a bit quieter than the rest of the Wiesn. That is why many families like this place, even if it costs 3,- € to visit it (kids up to 14 years are free). A ride with one of the nostalgic joy rides costs 1,- € only. You can enjoy this part which offers a lot of the famous Bavarian "Gemütlichkeit" (coziness) in the southern part of the Oktoberfest site.
  • Remember that the biggest "beer festival" in the world - as the Oktoberfest is often referred to - is a crowded place with many drunk people, especially in the evening. So we advise you to stick to these rules which help make the Wiesn enjoyable for everyone.
  • Beware of pickpockets! Better don't carry any valuables in a handbag or backbag (which will only be in the way, anyway) but close to your body, in an inside pocket at best. Some dirndls have ideal pockets to put money and mobile phones in them with lederhosen it is a bit trickier, so watch out!

For more information on the Oktoberfest 2015 visit our Wiesn-Special (German language only).

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