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Gardens and Parks in Munich

In former times, landscaped gardens mainly served representative purposes of the nobility and  admission for the public was limited. Today, these parks and gardens offer relaxation for visitors and locals alike.

Englischer Garten München

English Garden

Munich's famous 900-acre park has shaded paths, brooks, ponds and swans and is best known for its four beer gardens (Chinesischer Turm, Seehaus, Hirschau, Aumeister) and nude sunbathers.

Olympiapark München

Olympic Park

Site of the 1972 Olympics, this landscaped park contains sport facilities, lakes, bicycle paths, concert venues, restaurants and a football stadium, as well as its landmark "tent-style" roofs.

Petuelpark München


Art and relaxation are joined together in this park above the Petuel tunnel. The excellent concept of the park links modern landscaping with artistic standards.

Luitpoldpark München


Located in the northern part of Schwabing, you get a great view over Munich from Luitpold Hill. The Bamberger House, a little palace in the park with a cafe & restaurant, offers culinary treats.

Westpark München


The Westpark, which was the site of 1983's International Garden Exposition, offers a lot of variety: beer gardens, cafés,  many routes to explore as well as a large lake and even asian influences in garden landscaping and architecture.

Ostpark München


This park in Munich's borough "Neuperlach" is both: a people's park and a city landscape. Wooded hills surround a meadow valley complete with a lake which offers manifold leisure activities.

Riemer Park München

Riemer Park

This Park was created for the Federal Horticulture Show in 2005 and is a lovely recreational area in the East of the city.

Park im Schloss Nymphenburg München

Nymphenburg Palace Park

The landscaped park with its venerable trees, myriad waterways and secluded pavilions is an ideal place to go exploring.

Alter Botanischer Garten München

Old Botanical Garden

This little park was created as botanical garden and  used as such until the New Botanical Garden was opened in 1914.  Later the legendary Munich Glass Palace, which was destroyed by a fire in 1931, was built on this ground. Since then this park has been used a small recreational area in the center of Munich.

Botanischer Garten München

Botanical Garden

One of the most diversified and beautiful botanical gardens of Europe and worth a visit whatever the season.

Hofgarten München

Hofgarten (Court Garden)

Created in the years 1613 to 1617, the Hofgarten combines art and nature, muses and leisure. It is one of the most important renaissance gardens north of the Alps. The walks are designed geometrically and they open ever new views onto a perfectly composed gaden architecture.

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