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Munich City

A Taste of Italy

Munich Silhuette

Munich's charakter, atmosphere and beauty - watch this video and find out: Munich Video

Ludwigstraße with TheatinerkircheChinese Tower in the English GardenMunich is one of the loveliest cities in Germany. It cultivates its image as the glamorous beauty, as "Italy’s" northernmost city.

It is an interesting mixture of magnificent, impressive buildings, like the classical palaces built by the 19th century architect Klenze and of modern young people with stylish clothes on the one hand and down-to-earth, bourgeois spirit from the Prince Regent’s time around 1900, that makes Munich feel like a village.

And this particular mix is what makes Munich so special: on the one hand it’s a cosy city with traditional beer gardens; on the other hand it is southern Germany’s cultural capital with countless operas, theaters and museums.

Munich is a city of contrasts, and that’s what makes it so interesting: the culinary choice between traditional Bavarian “Weißwurst”-breakfast or a dinner in a 5-star restaurant; social events in Lederhosen or evening gown.

ViktualienmarktMunich is very popular because it is home to many cultural highlights, but also because it is located in the most beautiful surroundings. In the idyllic area of Upper Bavaria, near the Alps, you’ll find the most amazing landscapes with crystal-clear lakes and fresh air.

Munich is also an economic center and has become Germany’s high-tech metropolis - another reason for visitors from all over the world to come to Munich.

… and what would Munich be without the Oktoberfest?

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