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Vacation in the Upper Main Valley - Coburg Region (Oberes Maintal - Coburger Land)

Itzgrund landscape

This region includes the counties of Lichtenfels and Coburg; it borders on Thuringia and the Franconian Forest to the North, and on Franconian Switzerland to the South.

The country – rolling hills and wide river valleys. A wavy ocean of flowers in spring, a variety of fruit in fall; lakes and peaceful valleys.

The culture – it resembles a garden with castles, palaces and half-timbered romance, visibly surmounted by the Fortress („Veste“) of Coburg. Numerous dreamy corners and towns are only waiting to be discovered by you.

Fortress of Coburg The entrance into Obere Maintal (Upper Main Valley) is beautiful. High above the River Main opens the „Golden Gate of Franconia“ with the monastery of Banz, and the world-famous Basilica of the Fourteen Saints across on the other hill side.

Words don't suffice to describe the bold, visionary interior design of the Pilgrimage Church by Balthasar Neumanns. You have to see this architectural Rococo miracle with your own eyes.

The monastery of Banz, created by the Brothers Dientzenhofer, eradiates pathos and grandeur. Here, it's easy to understand the excitement felt by the Franconian poet Viktor von Scheffel, when he climbed up to the holy Veit of Staffelstein (near Lichtenfels and Bad Staffelstein) and was greatly impressed by the wonderful view over the Main Valley.

What really makes the reputation of the region, however, are the spa towns of Bad Staffelstein (birth city of great mathematician Adam Riese), Bavaria's strongest thermal brine, and Bad Rodach.

So enjoy the sights, the country, the serenity, the hospitality, and the vitality of the local residents of this inviting area by vacationing in the region Oberes Maintal – Coburger Land.

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