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Starnberg - Land of the Five Lakes (Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land)

Between Munich and the Alps

The beauty of Starnberg, Land of the Five Lakes -  watch our video and see for yourself:

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Southwest of Munich, between Lake Ammersee and Lake Starnberger See, lies the picturesque Land of Five Lakes. According to a survey carried out in the year 2004, this is the area within Germany where people are happiest. True, the survey might be slightly out-dated by now and people's perception of life changes; however – if you take a look at this region and get a feel for it, you just have to be cheerful. It is not without reason, that people from Munich come here to recharge their batteries.

The mighty forces of the last ice age formed this hilly morain landscape with its wealth of lakes and ponds, the five largest of which, namely the lakes Starnberger See, Ammersee, Pilsensee, Wörthsee and Weßlinger See, gave the region its name.

Starnberg Five Lake Country

Starnberg – Land of the Five Lakes is there for you to relax or to be active. Of course, water sports come to mind first and foremost: swimming, surfing, sailing and more.

There are 180 km of hiking and 250 km of cycling trails if you prefer standing, walking or cycling on safe and dry ground. The trails lead through lovely landscape across softly rolling hills and with a great view of the commanding alpine silhouette. In winter, cross-country skiing and ice skating are high on the list of favored sports activities. If you prefer to be moved rather than move yourself, you can view the scenery from a cruise boat on Lake Ammersee of Lake Starnberger See or alternatively, from above on a hot air balloon ride.

Years and years ago, King Ludwig II. and his cousin Sisi, the future empress Elisabeth of Austria, were well aware of the beauty of this region and liked to meet on Rose Island (Roseninsel) on Lake Starnberger See. Sisi spent more than 24 summers in her summer residence in Feldafing, which is now the hotel “Kaiserin Elisabeth”. A museum in the king's saloon (Königssalon) at the Possenhofen train station, remembers her bond with this area. King Ludwig II. spent many a time in the Land of Five Lakes till his tragic death in 1886 (he (was?) drowned in Lake Starnberger See). A chapel (Votivkapelle) in Berg and a cross in Lake Starnberger See keep the remembrance and the myth of King Ludwig II. alive.

Proud and strong rises Upper Bavaria's “Holy Mountain” above the charming Lake Ammersee. Andechs Monastry was built on top of it and belongs to the three most important places of pilgrimage in Germany. There, you can visit the magnificent rococo church and Europe's largest collection of votive candles. It is very much true, that beer and faith go together, as you can still experience in Andechs today. Just visit the Bräustüberl (pub) or the Klostergasthof (Monastry Inn) and try one or more of the six famous brews that are still made in the monastery's brewery.

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