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The district of Miesbach is best known for the Tegernsee valley and the Schliersee-Wendelstein region, one of Germany"s most beautiful holiday regions. Miesbach is located in the south of Munich near the freeway A8 Munich - Salzburg. The exits Hozkirchen, Weyarn and Irschenberg are included in Miesbach's district. 

Conjoint with Bayrischzell, a health spa famous for its skiing area Sudelfeld, and the town of Kreuth, known for the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation, Miesbach borders on Austria in the south. 

While the south of the district is mostly characterized by an alpine mountain scenery, the north mesmerizes with rolling hills and a wonderful mountain view, fens and the Mangfall valley. Munich obtains 80 percent of its drinking water from this valley.

Tegernsee valley: Tegernsee, Bad Wiessee, Rottach-Egern, Kreuth and Gmund 


Active relaxation, joy and fun, that's what Tegernsee valley is known for. Escape from everyday life - with your family or by yourself, the recreation offers are as unique as nature itself. No matter if summer, winter, holiday or health recreation, Tegernsee valley caters for all tastes...

Alpine region Wendelstein: Bayrischzell, Fischbachau and Schliersee 

A real treat for your body unified in all elements: be it in or on water, in the air or on the ground, the sporting opportunities are gigantic.

Wind surfing, gliding and hang-gliding, hiking, mountain climbing, tennis, cycling and more is included in the wide range of sporting activities. The gastronomic offer is a pleasure for your palate.

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