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Highlights in Allgäu

Highlights in Allgäu

Allgäu - Land of Lakes

The diversity of the Allgäu Lakes characterizes the region just much as its mountains. They invite you to a cool bath, to water sports or just to unwind. Particularly nice are the Rottachsee, Grüntensee and Schwarzenberger pond - a recreational oasis amidst the lovely landscape around Oy - Mittelberg. The Lakes "Niedersonthofener See" and "Sulzberger See" also invite you to a unique water sport experience.

Allgäu-Land of Lakes

The Kleinwalsertal Valley

People say that God himself created the imposing "Gottesacker"  mountain plateau in the Austrian Kleinwalsertal valley - probably because of its unique nature and the bizarre forms of its unusual karst landscape.

Encircled on the east, south and west by mountains, the valley has strong connections with the Allgäu. However, the inhabitants of the valley greet their guests in the dialect of their forefathers from the Valais, who settled in this unique natural region at the end of the 13th century. Stately decorated wooden houses, the unspoilt natural majesty of the romantic high valley region and the breathtaking mountain panorama set the tone for the quality of holidays here - in summer and in winter.

In the South

The magic of the region, from the Allgäu gateway to Oberstdorf, from Oberstaufen to Bad Hindelang, is born of the contrasts within it. Some which modulate gently and others which are simply there. It is impossible to overlook the Allgäu Alps, the soft green landscape at the foot of the mountains, the filigree of silver mountain streams, deep blue rivers and lakes. There is the historic imperial town of Kempten next to peaceful valleys and points of significant cultural interest against the background of overwhelming natural beauty. The famous stimulating climate, relaxing family holidays, allergy-free time to breathe and days of wellbeing with Schroth and Kneipp.

Our's is the Original!

Ludwig II. of Bavaria grew up in Hohenschwangau. He knew about the region's beautiful landscapes. To him we owe the trademark of the region at the foothills of the Alps between the imperial town of Kaufbeuren, the Ammergebirge mountains, Füssen and the Tyrolean border: the castle of Neuschwanstein, known all over the world for its fairytale architecture and admired for its celebrated concerts.  There are almost 50 picturesque lakes and ponds scattered across the landscape at the foot of the castle. "The White Fleet" sails by on Lake Forggensee  - past the Neuschwanstein Festspielhaus concert hall. At the Lechfall waterfall, which is also historically interesting, the water itself is the spectacle.

At Home with Sebastian Kneipp

This land, with its gentle rolling hills, quiet rivers and meadows opens wide views. It is certainly no coincidence that Sebastian Kneipp discovered his theory of healing which stresses the unity of body, soul and spirit in the harmonious landscape around his home town Ottobeuren. Today, the "five pillar therapy" is practised in "Kneipp country" in health centres and spas from Bad Wörishofen and Bad Grönenbach to Ottobeuren. With its offers of additional therapies for wellbeing and natural medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine, the region is a true monument to the idea of integral medicin. Hewn out of stone, decorated with frescoes, clad in cedarwood and protected by defence towers, monuments to the cultural heritage of the past extend from the Fuggerschloss castle to Kirchheim up to the Carthusian monastery of Buxheim. The oldest farm museum in the Allgäu, in Illerbeuren, tells us of the tough lifestyle of the region's forefathers. And besides those with a religious and artistic interest, it is above all lovers of classical music who go on a pilgrimage to the Benedictine monastery and baroque basilica of Ottobeuren.

The Alps at Lake Constance - Where the Land Shapes its People

White and pink blossoming fruit trees against the backgound of snow-covered alpine peaks. Lake Constance makes it possible for green mountain meadows to gradually yield to orchards and vineyards between Weiler, Scheidegg and Lindau. Those who live in the area know how to enjoy themselves and to care lovingly for the many-faceted culture of their region. The architecture of Alemanic shingle houses, magnificent patricians' villas and Swabian merchants' houses in Isny, Wangen and Leutkirch allows the onlooker to imagine their varied history. Further towards the north, the landscape becomes very wide and far-reaching. The unspoilt landscape of the Bad Wurzacher Ried is a nature reserve and considered to be the largest intact high moor area in Central Europe. It is protected and cherished by the health resort Bad Wurzach, where its healing powers of are known and extensively used.

Europe's Most Beautiful High Valley

They are solid, rough and untamed: the Tannheimer Mountains, Rot Flüh, Gimpel, Köllespitz and Gehrenspitz. All of them significant features in the Tannheimer Valley, embedded in the Allgäu Alps. Two mountain lakes glitter in between and invite you to walk around them. No seasonal limits are set to the pleasures of walking here. And this region will help you to open both your heart and your eyes. Customs and traditions are valued and practised in the five villages just as is hospitality. And this is also true of the small neighbouring village of Jungholz, not a stone's throw away. Only footpaths and farmers roads link this charming woodcarver village  with its Tyrolean mother country. The only road leads from Allgäu to the village centre. All around, green meadows, forests and the jagged peaks of the Sorgschrofen mountain. And in between all these treasures, the most precious jewel of all - pure relaxation.

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