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Vacations in the Upper Palatinate Forest (Oberpfälzer Wald)

Arrive and Feel Great!

Swans in the Upper Palatinate Forest

A countryside that passes its harmony and calm on to its guests: that's the Upper Palatinate Forest. Its softly rolling forest hills give a feeling of vastness; wildly romantic valleys, for instance the "Waldnaab" with its huge granite blocks.

A monastic church of baroque splendor here, the ruins of a knight's castle there. Witnesses of the past can be found here with every step. Special people, eager to share the beauties of their country with others. Use the rich possibilities of leisure activities, accept an invitation to one of the numerous festivals, and try the local specialties. Just enjoy the "Lifestyle" of the Upper Palatinate Forest!

Under the Green Roof of Europe

Upper Palatinate Forest

Far-reaching vistas from mountain tops, look-outs and castle ruins: Tree tops, as far as the eye can see. Easy to see why the Upper Palatinate Forest forms the green roof of Europe, together with the Bohemian and the Bavarian Forest. And that means: healthy forest air, an extensive net of hiking and biking trails, large areas for mushroom and berry pickers. Try for yourself!

Land of Thousand Waters

River Regen near Stockenfels

Forest and waters belong togehter in the Upper Palatinate Forest; this is nature in its purest form. Watching the ponds' surfaces light up in the evening sun will sooth your soul. The fishing ponds around Tirschenreuth, the "Rußweihergebiet" (pond Rußweiher area) at Eschenbach, between Schwarzenfeld and Schwandorf just cannot be counted.

There are just as many creeks and rivers, joyfully bouncing on the green, moss-covered rock rims or flowing calmly in wide basins. Luce and sheatfish hide between the granite blocks in the rivers; Bluebreast and bitterns find their home in this large nature resort. There is a lot to discover, so take along your binoculars and a camera.

Rich in stones...

Lerau Valley

"Stone Palatinate" was once used to describe the Upper Palatinate Forest. Collecting stones was part of the laborious rural life, and sometimes, there were more stones than potatoes in the fields. The region is littered with traces of ancient geologic time: Granite, millions of years old, wherever you look! Sometimes it piles up to downright "rock giants", for example in the Steinwald ("stone forest"), near the ruins of Schellenberg and Flossenbürg, or in Stadlern at the Bavarian-Bohemian border.

The imposing, bizarre-looking blocks of granite have always inspired legends of the Upper Palatinates: You can hear about the devil's butter churn, the nymphs' rock, or the chamber car. Grant yourself the time and take a closer look at the stone faces. At Wolfenstein near Hohenwald (near Tirschenreuth) two petrified dinosaurs will stare back at you.

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