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Camping in Bavaria

In a tent or a caravan you can be close to Bavaria's most beautiful places

More and more people spend their holidays in a caravan, tent or motorhome as they prefer this easy way of vacationing to a more formal and more expensiMotorhome in the Allgaeuve stay in a hotel. Campsites in Bavaria, Germany's most favored vacation destination, have felt this trend, too, and reacted to it with making their sites more comfortable. There is a great choice of campgrounds - from unpretentious tent sites to ones that even offer spas and saunas - and sometimes they have the advantage of being closer to the spectacular views than any hotel could be.

Some campgrounds are situated close to one of Bavaria's many lakes and their visitors have direct access to the waterside. Others are in the mountains, allowing you to be first on the hiking trails in summer and on the ski and board slopes in winter. Even when visiting Bavaria's cities you can find campsites there, sometimes even very close to the city center, as is the case in Munich, for example.

Campers just love the freedom and simplicity of staying at Bavaria's best places, using an excellent infrastructure and saving money at the same time. Most campsites offer modern sanitary facilities, TV reception, current, and sometimes even W-LAN connection plus easy to use water access and disposal. Many campsites have places especially equipped for motorhomes. Moreover, there are often facilities for doing sports, such as beach volleyball fields, a workout area or equipment for water sports.

Bavaria Follows The New Camping Trends

While camping has formerly been for supporters of a simple life it now also appeals to people who like it more comfortable. Spacious motorhomes and convenient mobile homes attract more and more holidaymakers who used to prefer a hotel. They enjoy more comfort and privacy than has been possible in older carvans and do not have to bring all kinds of household utensils as the campers and mobile homes are already fitted with those.

Camping on a farm is another trend. Some farmers have opened parts of their vast plots of land to campers who can take part in the farm life and can be supplied with food from the farm. Camping on a farm is especially popular with families because there is almost no comparable place that is that close to nature and so easygoing.

Camping In Bavaria - As Varied As Bavaria's Landscape

Tent by a lakeCity, countryside, river, mountain or farm - campers are spoilt for choice! What does that mean with regard to Bavaria's vacation regions? Upper Bavaria offers campgrounds close to its many lakes and in the mountain regions. Summer or winter, campers are amidst Bavaria's most beaitiful landscapes and can enjoy a range of activities such as hiking, biking or skiing. Camping in the Allgäu is similar with many campsites in the Allgäu Alps and close to lakes. Many of these are open year round and are a good starting point for a visit to King Ludwig's royal castles.

Franconia is famous among campers especially for the Franconian Lakes region which is a camping Eldorado. The many campgrounds there are known for their high standards and are ideal for a familiy vacation. Franconia's romantic side with its many medieval castles and historical half-timbered houses can be well explored on a camping trip. In the Bavarian Golf and Thermal Spa Region campers benefit from the great spa infrastructure there. Be it that some of the campsites there offer their own spa area or because you can make use of the region's many thermal spas and adventure pools. Moreover, hikers and bikers will find love this region, as it has many trails leading through rural scenery. This is also true for most of Eastern Bavaria with its rural character. Pure nature, that's the motto of camping in Bavaria's east.

Like to put up your tent or tow your caravan over to Bavaria? Have a look at Camping.info which has a good overview of Bavaria's campgrounds and the facilities they offer.

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